It was third all time… it took a ridiculous double steal. Trea Turner stopped recording 41 consecutive stolen bases


Philadelphia Phillies’ Trea Turner’s streak of stolen bases was stopped at 41.

In an away game against the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ballpark on Tuesday (Korea time), Turner started the game as a second baseman and scored one hit and two runs from four times at bat. He stole one base, but there was also one failure. And that one failure was the suspension of consecutive steals.

Turner got on base with a hit ball in the top of the first inning and stole second base. It was his sixth steal of the season and his 41st consecutive steal. He then scored on Alec Bohm’s hit to the right.

Turner’s attempt to steal a double failed in the top of the fifth inning, halting Turner’s record of consecutive stolen bases. What happened when he was at the batter’s box at Marryfield with runners at first and third bases with two outs? Alec Bohm, the fourth baseman at 1B2S, ran to the second base. Then, Cincinnati catcher Tyler Stephenson pretended to throw to the second base, but he didn’t throw it and looked at the third base. Turner, who was a third baseman, was running home and got caught in a stop-and-fight. Stephenson ran towards Turner and Turner went back to third base, but soon he threw the ball to third baseman Jaymer Candelario and Candelario ran to Turner and tag out.

As a result, Turner’s successful steal record, which began in September 2022, stopped at 41.

Turner’s 41st consecutive stolen base was the third-best all-time record since 1951, behind Vince Coleman in 50 consecutive steals and Ichiro Suzuki in 45 consecutive steals.

Turner, who failed to steal against the San Francisco Giants on September 6, 2022, when he was with the Los Angeles Dodgers, has been running a 100% successful steal rate, starting with stealing against San Francisco on September 7, the next day. Turner, who finished the season with five that year, moved to Philadelphia last year, stole 30 bases and never failed.

This season, there was no failure until he stole his sixth base in the top of the first inning, so he continued his successful record 41 times in a row, but unfortunately, the record was stopped when the double steal was detected and the double steal was threatened. 토토사이트

Turner made his major league debut with the Washington Nationals in 2015 and has played in a total of 1,029 games so far this season. He batted .297 with 1,236 hits, recorded 152 home runs and 519ㅏ, and stole 266 bases. In 2017, 46 were his season’s most stolen bases.

Cincinnati won the game 7-4 in the bottom of the sixth inning when it was 1-3 behind, combining four hits and two walks to score four points and then defending it to the end.

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