‘It was worth signing 435 billion won.’ Ace with four wins in Japan, 200K+184 innings expected in ML’s first season… tops Dodgers’ starting lineup


LA Dodgers pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto (26) is expected to strike out 200 in his Major League debut season.

Major League Baseball’s official media, MLB.com , selected 10 players to pay attention to this year based on the expected 2024 season performance of the Debschart projection of the U.S. baseball statistics site FanGraph on the 22nd (Korea time). The fielders were Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco), Ronald Acuña Jr. (Atlanta), Juan Soto (Yankees), Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Toronto), Wyatt Langford (Texas), and pitchers Spencer Strider (Atlanta), Tarik Skubal (Detroit), Carlos Rodon (Yankees), and Edwin Díaz (Metz), who are set to make their major league debut this year.

Yamamoto is a special ace with 70 wins, 29 losses and a 1.82 922 strikeouts in 172 games (897 innings) in Japanese professional baseball. He recorded 16 wins, 6 losses and a 1.23 169 strikeouts in 23 games (164 innings) last year, achieving four consecutive wins (multiple wins, ERA, strikeouts and winning percentage) for the first time in Japanese professional baseball history, and winning the Sawamura Award and the Pacific League MVP Award for the third consecutive year. The Sawamura Award for the third consecutive year is the second MVP award ever since Masaiichi Kaneda (1956-1958), and the third MVP award for the third consecutive year since Ichiro Suzuki (1994-1996).

Yamamoto instantly became the biggest free agent in the Major League after announcing his posting after finishing the Japan Series as the runner-up last year. Numerous teams have entered the race to recruit Yamamoto, but none can surpass the Dodgers’ 12-year, 325 million-dollar contract. Yamamoto signed with the Dodgers, surpassing Gerrit Cole (Yankees, nine years, 324 million dollars), and set a new record for the largest contract ever for a pitcher.

According to FanGraph Debschart projection, Yamamoto is expected to record 12 wins, 9 losses, 3.98 ERA and 200 strikeouts in 29 games (184 innings). He ranked 14th in both leagues with strikeouts and 3.4 in WAR (contribution to victory over substitute players) tied for 15th among pitchers in the Major League.

“Everyone is curious what Yamamoto can do in the big league. And if his performance forecasting program is correct, it’s a big deal,” MLB.com said. “The Dodgers’ new ace was expected to strike out 200 in his first year in the Major League. This is similar to what Senga Kodai (Metz), who immediately became a nominee for the Cy Young Award last year, did.” 헤라카지노

“Yamamoto is one of the 14 pitchers expected to exceed 200 strikeouts this year,” said MLB.com , who mentioned, “Yamamoto is expected to lead the Dodgers in both strikeouts and innings. This means that the Dodgers will be able to become the ace they expected by giving the Japanese ace a big contract.”

Meanwhile, according to FanGraph Debschart projection, the best pitcher this year will be a striker. Strider’s expected performance is 15 wins, seven losses and an ERA of 3.18 257 strikeouts in 31 games (185 innings). Multiple wins, ERA, strikeouts and WAR (4.9) all topped the list in the Major League.

MLB.com explained, “We already know that Strider is the best strikeout pitcher in the Major League Baseball. What’s noteworthy here is that he is expected to achieve triple crowns. If Strider achieves triple crowns, he will be the first pitcher to achieve triple crowns in a full season since Justin Verlander and Clayton Kershaw in 2011. Shane Bieber achieved triple crowns in a short season in 2020.”

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