“It’s Before My Debut.” Lee Jung-hoo selects ‘Baseball People to Pay Attention to in SF’


Lee Jung-hoo (26), who has not even made his major league debut yet, was selected as a baseball player to pay attention to in the San Francisco area of the U.S., drawing attention.

The San Francisco Clonicle, a local media outlet in San Francisco, selected 15 baseball players to pay attention to in San Francisco Bay Airia on the 14th (Korean time).

Regarding Lee Jung-hoo, the media said, “It is not yet known what kind of performance San Francisco’s new center fielder, who has been called the grandson of the wind in Korea, will perform.”

“However, Lee Jung-hoo is a good hitter with excellent athletic ability and skill to hit the ball on the bat,” he said, noting that he is 14th out of 15 baseball players to pay attention to.

The list included San Francisco President Farhan Zaidi, head coach Bob Melvin, Buster Posey, who has become a team legend and owner group, and key starter Logan Webb.

In addition, Lee Jung-hoo’s agent Scott Boras, a fan of the Oakland Athletics, who is now heading to Las Vegas, is on the list.

The reason why Boras is on this list is that San Francisco has many players to recruit for additional power reinforcement.

San Francisco expressed high expectations by giving Lee Jung-hoo a six-year-$113 million contract, the highest treatment for Asian fielders, when he enters the Major League. 마카오토토주소
San Francisco Giants then expressed its intention to leave Lee Jung-hoo as the leadoff and center fielder for the opening 2024 season. Analysts say that it is a natural decision given the size of the contract.

Now, Lee Jung-hoo is expected to make his Major League debut after spring training in February and exhibition games in March. San Francisco will have its season opener against the San Diego Padres on March 29.

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