Japanese media “Korea lost to the referee, not Japan… claim of partiality”


The Japanese media is in an atmosphere that does not agree with Korea’s claim that the Thai referee made a biased decision.

The Korean national soccer team under the age of 17 (U-17) led by coach Byun Seong-hwan defeated Japan at the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-17 Asian Cup Final held at Pathum Thani Stadium in Thailand on the 2nd at 9:00 pm (Korean time). They lost by -3 and finished runner-up.

Korea, which won the championship twice in 1986 and 2002, challenged for the first time in 21 years, but was frustrated. Japan won the tournament four times, the most ever. Korea suffered the humiliation of losing 0-3 in five consecutive matches against Japan.

In this game, the referee from Thailand ruined the game. Thailand’s referee, Mongkolchai Petssri (42), judged unfavorably against Korea at every critical moment and even committed a decisive mistake, claiming to be Japan’s victory helper. Coach Byeon Seong-hwan, who was dissatisfied with the decision, received a yellow card for punching his ID card. Soccer fans who cheered for Taegeuk Warriors late at night couldn’t hide their anger. That’s why the referee’s decision was blatant.

However, the mood of the Japanese media is different. The Japanese media conveys the atmosphere in Korea that the Thai referee’s decision was blatant, but they do not agree.

On the 3rd, ‘Football Zone’, a Japanese soccer media outlet, said, “In the Korean media, where we lost in the finals, there are complaints that we lost because of the referee’s biased decision. Korea is showing its anger, saying that it lost to the referee, not Japan.”토토사이트주소

The media continued, “In Korea, there is an atmosphere that does not understand Ko Jong-hyun’s exit and Kim Myung-jun’s no-foul decision. Anger is amplifying in the Korean media. They are blaming the referee for ruining the match against Korea and Japan,” he added. /

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