‘Keria’s luxury Ash!’ T1 dominates kt with perfect performance… Achieve 2 wins


On the 20th, at the LCK Arena located in Lol Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul, the first round of the regular season of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’, kt Rolster vs. T1, took place.

On this day at kt, Kim “Kiin” Ki-in, “Curz” Moon Woo-chan, “BDD” Kwak Bo-seong, “Aiming” Kim Ha-ram, and “Lehenz” Son Si-woo appeared. ‘ Lee Sang-hyeok, ‘Kumayushi’ Min-hyeong, and ‘Keria’ Min-seok Ryu took part. 온라인카지노

In the 3rd set, T1 picked Renekton, Sejuani, Kassadin, Varus, and Ash, while kt picked Xante, Goku, Ryze, Jerry, and Heimerdinger.

‘Owner’, who tried top ganking, caught ‘Curz’ with ‘Zeus’, and kt struggled to defeat ‘Faker’. While ‘Lehenz’ was away for a long time, T1, who took the bot’s lead, defeated the first dragon, the Flame Dragon.

kt lost BDD, but succeeded in taking the messenger, and T1 took the second dragon, Chem Engineering Dragon, after bursting ‘Lehends’ mid-mid.

The third dragon, the sea dragon, appeared, and a large-scale teamfight was held in midfield. T1 showed off a perfect play, launched an ace, and took the dragon. Afterwards, T1 caught everyone except ‘Kiin’ near Baron and acquired the Baron buff.

In a situation where the growth gap widened significantly, T1 pushed into the top and once again won a landslide victory in teamfights and destroyed the Nexus.

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