KIA-LG’s best prospect distorted by injury… Club plans and AG flew at the same time


“Injury obviously had a big impact. Especially the second injury was like that

. ” Coach Yeom announced that he would raise Lee Jae-won as the team’s future key hitter from the spring camp. He added that he would consider placing players in lower batting lines such as 7th or 8th rather than burdening them in the center batting line so that players can play the game more comfortably. In Manager Yeom’s calculations, who tends to clearly determine the position of players before the season, Lee Jae-won was the main player who played more than 400 at-bats in a season.

The reason Yeom picked Lee Jae-won as soon as he took office was simple. This is why Lee Jae-won was regarded as a tremendous talent who could one day hit more than 30 homers in Jamsil and catch a 30% precision hit at the same time. There was even talk of the ultimate utopia being Park Byeong-ho (kt). He also thought he was the right person to balance LG, which was relatively focused on left-handed batters. Director Yeom also emphasized, “There is a big difference between doing something and going to the military and not doing it.”

However, director Yeom, the LG club, and Lee Jae-won, whom fans expect, are currently missing. As of the 21st, Lee Jae-won has a batting average of 0.217, 3 homers, 17 RBIs, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.658 in 46 games this season. His grades can be. However, when he played more than 100 games in the season, the fact that he has only 107 plate appearances symbolizes that the idea was tightly twisted from somewhere. He was also seriously injured.

Both the coach and the players started the season with enthusiasm, but from the beginning of the season, they had to stop and go due to injuries. At the end of March, just before the start of the season, due to a side injury, he was unable to join the opening entry. There were times when he was called up to the first team in May and performed brilliantly. Everyone was excited by the unbelievable sight of the batting ball exceeding 180 km/h. However, after a couple of troubles with his thigh muscles, he lost his pace. Director Yeom said, “Especially the second injury was decisive.”

Manager Yeom’s regret for Lee Jae-won’s thigh injury is partly due to the club’s twisted strategy, but it is also related to the 2022 19th Hangzhou Asian Games, which opens one year late due to the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19). Coach Yeom, who has served as the technical chairman of the national team, said at the beginning of the season, “I also worried a lot about the lack of right-handed hitters when selecting the preliminary list for the (Asian Games). In particular, there is an absolute lack of long-range right-handed hitters.” Lee Jae-won could be a candidate. There is,” he said, giving his personal outlook.

In fact, after Lee Jae-won showed off his tremendous long hitting power in May, the KBO Power Reinforcement Committee also analyzed what effect Lee Jae-won’s selection could have on the national team’s outfield. However, this discussion did not go deep, and it was due to injury in the end. Not only did he not show 100% of his ability because he was injured ahead of the selection for the national team list, but at the time of selection, he was unable to show a proper blow due to the aftermath of the injury. Lee Jae-won is still unable to escape from the aftermath.

KIA also has one finger that is regrettable. The main character is Kim Do-young (20), who is the best prospect in the team and was selected as the most improved beast ahead of this season. Kim Do-young, who was a main character at the time of the KIA’Decision of the Century’ in August 2021, spent 167 days on the first team stage last year and spent a full-time season. And this year, through systematic technical and physical training throughout the winter, favorable reviews continued that his skills improved beyond recognition.

In fact, the momentum was continuing in the Okinawa practice game, exhibition game, and even the SSG and Incheon opening series. However, on April 2nd, in the game against SSG Incheon, he stepped on third base while running and suffered a fatal blow called a fracture of the metatarsal bone in his left foot. Due to this injury, Kim Do-yeong was excluded from the first team entry for 81 days. In the meantime, the Asian Games list came out, and Kim Do-young was eliminated without even trying to ‘apply’ for this competition.

Kim Do-young was also a player who was paying attention among the officials who selected the Asian Games national team players. Of course, in the infield, there were many players with more established careers than Kim Do-young, such as Noh Si-hwan (Hanwha) and Moon Bo-kyung (LG). He wasn’t a number 1 player. However, officials took into account the lack of right-handed hitters in the infield, as in the Lee Jae-won case. Kim Do-young also had the advantage of being able to see both third base and shortstop. However, without proper observation by the officials, he was knocked out of the Asian Games entry.토토사이트

In 39 games after returning from injury, Kim Do-young has a batting average of 0.301, 2 homers, 20 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.792, which is not bad. He has a feeling that his performance is slightly lagging as he goes, but he is holding on by consistently hitting one. Bal, who succeeded in stealing 12 bases in 39 games, was also attractive to the Asian Games national team, but this also had to be promised three years later.

If any of the currently selected players are injured, they can be replaced within the reserve entry. Both players are in the reserve entry. However, the possibility of additional selection is not high. Apart from the performance of the two players, the affiliated teams, LG and KIA, have all filled the 3rd chapter, which is the ‘limit’. Ko Woo-seok, Jung Woo-young, and Moon Bo-kyung for LG, and Lee Eui-ri, Choi Ji-min, and Choi Won-joon for KIA have already reserved the Taegeuk mark. In the end, it became the spring of 2023 for promising players who only confirmed that the variable ‘injury’ has a great impact on the player’s career and challenge.

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