The only losing team in the first division… Daegu has its first win over the changed Suwon FC ‘shield.’


Daegu FC will try to escape the “loss of a game.”

Daegu FC, led by head coach Choi Won-kwon, started this season with two consecutive losses. It is the only team in the K-League 1 that has lost consecutive games. Daegu scored one goal in two matches. The score he recorded in the match against the Pohang Steelers (1-3 loss) in the second round also came after a free kick. Defensive player Hong Cheol even scored that.

No goals have been created through offensive work yet. In terms of attack indicators, Daegu is second in this category with 28 shots. However, it remains in 11th place with 5 effective shots. In addition, 15 shots other than the penalty box are in first place. This means that there is no effective attack, which is Daegu’s advantage. The newly established three-back also struggled in the opening game, but collapsed in the match against Pohang, giving up three goals in the second half alone.

First of all, the fact that Daegu’s key striker Cesinha’s physical condition is not 100 percent hurts Choi’s head. Cesinha is capable of solving it, but he has yet to show any threat. As he had no real-world experience since September last season, he will need more time. Of the eight shots that Cesinha tried, only one was effective.

Vaselus, a second-year K-League striker, has doubled in strength, but he has difficulty playing full-time. He needs to find the best combination of offense in the current situation.

Choi is also agonizing over the fact that only three out of four Brazilian foreign players are allowed to play. Ko Jae-hyun, who scored the most points among Korean players in Daegu during the two seasons, is also showing no signs of action. Ko has not recorded even one shot on goal in two games.

Daegu will face Suwon FC in the third round. Suwon FC has shown a change under coach Kim Eun-joong. The sense of defense has significantly increased. Veteran defender Kwon Kyung-won as the centerpiece and active midfielders are creating synergy. Though not perfect in attack, Lee Seung-woo and Andersson duo’s reckless dribbling and breakingthrough are slowly taking effect. 핑크알바

Suwon FC had one win and one draw in two matches, but only gave up one goal. This is different from the moves of the team that lost the most points in the K-League 1 last season. The key will be how Daegu’s Chang, which has a bad start, penetrates Suwon FC’s Shield.

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