‘Kick-off’ at 11:00 a.m. in the heat wave… Safety Concerns for U-11 Youth Soccer Games


“I am worried that the children will have a hard time.”

A coach is worried ahead of the Gyeongju Hwarangdaegi national youth soccer tournament. The tournament, hosted by the Korea Football Association (KFA) and Gyeongju City, will be held in Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province, starting on the 12th. because it goes on inside. Looking back at the weather these days, it is a time zone that is overworked.

The opening ceremony is currently affected by typhoons, such as the cancellation, but hot weather is predicted again when the competition begins after the typhoon passes. Another youth team coach also said, “In the weather these days, team training is conducted early in the morning, avoiding the hottest time zone as much as possible, or after 4-5 pm. It seems that it will not be easy for children to adapt to playing in hot weather.” It is a common voice at the site that adults are also having a hard time with the heat, and in the case of artificial turf, considering the effects such as geothermal heat, there is no choice but to worry about the health of children.

There is also a smart air dome stadium, which is an indoor stadium, but since it is the largest competition in the elementary school, many teams gather, so all games cannot be played only in the air dome. In fact, it is reported that about 500 school and club teams participated in this event alone, and about 10,000 players participated. There are a lot of participating teams, but the number of stadiums is limited, so it is inevitable to organize games such as 11:00 am.

After all, most games are held on outdoor natural and artificial turf pitches. At least, the assignment of the game during the heat wave was avoided, and even if the 12-year-old (U-12) competition is assigned after 5:00 pm, some games in the U-11 competition have to be played in the heat. We cannot rule out the possibility that problems directly related to the safety of children will arise. This is why some point out that it is necessary to organize more meticulous schedules and prepare thorough safety measures.

The organizers explained that the game was not scheduled at all during the hottest time of day, and that the decision reflected the wishes of each team that wanted as many players as possible to participate in the tournament. He also added that he would thoroughly prepare safety measures to prepare for the heat wave and hold the event.메이저사이트

An official from Gyeongju City said, “First of all, the game was not assigned from noon to 5:00 p.m., when it was the hottest. At the Air Dome, we also consulted so that the participating teams could play as evenly as possible. We plan to prepare a lot of items such as ice boxes and provide them to each team in preparation for the hot weather, and to carry out a cooling break according to the situation. If it is judged that normal games are difficult due to the heat wave, we plan to prepare countermeasures such as rest.”

The KFA side, which organizes game times, also said, “It is not only this year that games are scheduled at that time. This is the result of constant communication with the leaders while going through many trials and errors. Each team wanted as many players as possible to participate in the game, so the game was organized in the morning. We are continuing our efforts, including the recent introduction of an air dome stadium. We look forward to improving the infrastructure in the future.”

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