“Soccer? I’ve liked it since then.” K-League fans brought up memories… “40 Years of History” exhibition that includes players and touching stories


Soccer fans were immersed in memories in a place with a 40-year history of the K-League.
On Dec. 22, K-League fans gathered at Yeongdeungpo Art Square in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. “THE UNIVERSE,” an exhibition commemorating the 40th anniversary of the K-League, opened for the first time. It boasted warm heat even though it was a weekday, with visitors constantly coming to the exhibition. Soccer fans looked around the exhibition and remembered that time.

The exhibition likened the K-League to the universe. It implies that many events and characters gathered together over a long period of time. The exhibition is divided into 12 themes, ranging from Eunha, where the trophy of the K-League’s history is displayed, to Supernova, which describes the present day of the K-League. The event also included the history of each club, coaches and players who shone in the K-League.

40 years have passed since the K-League was launched as the Super League at Seoul Stadium on May 8, 1983. Fans who visited the soccer stadium holding hands with their parents when they were young have grown up. “I have watched the K-League since 2005. I came to love soccer after watching Park Chu-young (currently Ulsan Hyundai) and Hikaldo,” said Chung Hee-cheol, a 25-year-old fan of FC Seoul.

Jeong Hee-chul and his girlfriend Kim Se-yoon visited the exhibition. The two are FC Seoul fans. They are so into soccer that they even have an in-person date wearing uniforms. “I first met them in person at the 2014 friendly match between FC Seoul and Leverkusen. I have liked soccer since then,” Kim said with a big smile. “I used to like Yoon Il-rok (Gangwon FC) the most and now I like Na Sang-ho the most.”

“I think this exhibition is really good for soccer fans. I’m a long-time fan, and it’s nice to see the exhibition,” Jeong Hee-chul said.

This season, the K-League was very enthusiastic. It opened an era of 3 million spectators for the first time since 2018, when it began disciplinary action against paid spectators. More than 100,000 spectators entered the K-League 1, and got off to a good start. Continuing its momentum, it broke new records for spectators. The K-League 2 also achieved the highest number in a single season in terms of paid spectators. Naturally, the number of “new fans” has also increased. 헤라카지노

Kim Geun-young (30) who is a “first-year” K-League fan likes Daegu FC. I fell in love with Daegu FC fans’ enthusiasm for their support from the moment I came in person. I had something to do in Seoul, but I took the time to visit the K-League exhibition. Kim Keun-young said he liked Daegu FC players’ appearance in the theme of “Mosaic,” which describes the 40-year history of the K-League. Sejingya, a “Daegu FC Legend,” scored a goal.
Ha Hyun-ji (30), who is also a fan of Daegu FC and visited the exhibition with Kim Geun-young, said, “I didn’t know because I was too young when the players of the 2002 World Cup were playing. However, I realized that they were legendary. I thought, ‘You did such a good job,'” Ha said with a smile. “I want to see Daegu FC win the championship in the exhibition.”

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