Kim Hye-seong, the ML is paying attention, is the WBC a golden opportunity?


The World Baseball Classic (WBC), which takes place in March prior to the opening of the 2023 KBO League, is a good opportunity to restore the fallen status of Korean baseball. In addition, the players selected for the WBC team are also an opportunity to publicize their value abroad. It is sure to be a showcase for Kiwoom Heroes Lee Jung-hoo, who is aiming to enter the major leagues through posting after the end of this season.

In addition to Lee Jung-hoo, there are other players in the WBC team that the major leagues are paying attention to. One of them is Kim Hye-seong, Lee Jung-hoo’s motivation to join the Heroes. Kim Hye-seong, who has the advantage of being a second baseman with both karate and karate, will wear the Taegeuk mark again following the 2021 Tokyo Olympic team. 

Kim Hye-seong recorded a batting average of 0.318 last year, 4 homers, 48 ​​RBIs, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.776. The WAR (based on the Kaby Report), which indicates the contribution to victory compared to substitute players, was 3.80, which was 2nd among fielders in the team and 14th among fielders in the league. 

Kim Hye-seong won the Golden Glove in the second baseman category, becoming the first player in KBO League history to win both the second baseman and shortstop Golden Glove. In 2021, Kim Hye-sung won the Golden Glove in the shortstop category.

However, it is impossible to guarantee how many opportunities Kim Hye-seong will get in the WBC. As for the second baseman of the national team, Korean player Edmund (St. Louis) is likely to play the starting lineup, forming a major league keystone with shortstop Kim Ha-seong (San Diego).

Rather than starting, Kim Hye-seong is more likely to make use of his greatest strength, his running ability, as a replacement. One play by Kim Hye-sung in the match could change the flow of not only the game on the day, but also the entire tournament of the national team. It is very important whether Kim Hye-sung will make use of the limited opportunities and prove his strengths.

When you return from the WBC, the opening of the KBO League awaits. Kiwoom, which did well in the Korean Series last year but unfortunately ended up in runner-up, this year is the right time to win its first championship. This is because it could be Lee Jung-hoo’s last season playing in the KBO league. Kiwoom, who was mostly indifferent to recruiting free agents from outside, is not hiding its desire to win by bringing in free agent Won Jong-hyun and Futures free agent Hyung-jong Lee from Stove League. 

Kiwoom, which collapsed in the Korean Series due to shortstop weakness, re-recruited Russell, a foreign infielder from Major League All-Star who played for Kiwoom in 2020. Hyesung Kim works with Russell on Keystone. If Kim Hye-seong continues last year’s performance and Russell regains his skills worthy of his reputation, Kiwoom can build the league’s strongest keystone. 

The possibility of Kim Hye-sung joining the Hangzhou Asian Games scheduled to be held on September 23 is also predicted. If Kim Hye-sung competes in the Asian Games and her national team succeeds in winning a gold medal, she will be exempted from military service. The possibility of her going abroad becomes even closer. 

2023 is expected to be a turning point that can influence Kim Hye-sung’s entire future career as an athlete. It is noteworthy whether Kim Hye-seong will take the lead in her WBC national team’s semifinals and Kiwoom’s first win. 스포츠토토

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