Leandro watched Kim Young-kwon with his “hawk’s eyes.”


If you don’t miss your opponent’s pace during the game, you will eventually have a chance. That was exactly the case with Brazilian technician Leandro, who led Daejeon Hana Citizen’s first win of the 2024 season. Leandro noticed that Kim Young-kwon was shaking, looked at the opportunity, and eventually solved it.

Daejeon Hana, which includes Leandro, beat Ulsan HD 2-0 in the fifth round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday at Daejeon World Cup Stadium. Daejeon Hana scored consecutive goals at Leandro in the third minute of the second half and Kim In-gyun in the 15th minute of the second half, causing turbulence in defeating Ulsan, the leader. And it successfully used Ulsan as an sacrifice to report its first win of the season.

“Today was his day,” Leandro said in a press conference after the game, happy with his team’s victory. Not surprisingly, Leandro was a lethal card prepared by coach Lee Min-sung and Daejeon Hana. He intentionally instructed them to prepare for the upcoming match against Ulsan, instead of taking them to the match against Incheon United in the fourth round. Manager Lee assigned fast-footed Leandro the task of troubleshooter, aiming at the fact that the Ulsan defense line was not so fast and kept coming up due to its aggressive nature. 업소알바

Leandro lived up to coach Lee’s expectations. Among the contents of his press conference, there was an impressive part, so it was a check on the Ulsan defense, especially Kim Young-kwon.

“There were two passes behind the Ulsan defense in the first half similarly,” Leandro said. “I saw the center back player (Kim Young-kwon) pass with a somewhat late timing without checking the goalkeeper. The player responded the same way in the second half, and tried to take advantage of this.” Leandro saw through Kim Young-kwon’s choice of the direction of the ball stem, or that there was a problem with the timing of the ball processing, and when Kim Young-kwon attempted a somewhat excessive back pass, he intercepted the ball in the space between Matheus and Hwang Seok-ho and scored a goal.

Regarding his scoring situation, Leandro said that the obstacle was Cho Hyun-woo. He thought that it could be difficult to score even in a one-on-one situation because Cho Hyun-woo is showing off his outstanding defense ability. However, Cho Hyun-woo in the world could not be stopped because he created the perfect opportunity by keeping an eye on Kim Young-kwon’s condition with his “hawk eyes” all the time. As Leandro said, the game was “Leandro’s Day.”

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