Lee Jung-hoo blocks the “Bullet” move toward Boras…10 consecutive hits + 7th multi-hit of the season


The products sold by Scott Boras, a famous agent in the Major League Baseball, have been showing problems since the beginning of the season. Meanwhile, Lee Jung-hoo (26. San Francisco Giants) is showing good performance, saving Boras’ crumpled face.

A case in point is Blake Snell, 32, a left-handed pitcher who won the National League Cy Young Award last year. He was considered the biggest fish up until last November when the Major League FA market opened. In fact, the New York Yankees offered Snell a big deal worth 30 million U.S. dollars per year, 150 million dollars for five years, but the deal was rejected.

Snell and his agent Boras reportedly demanded one more year of contract extension or more annual salary. However, their strategy to hold out failed. After all, Snell signed a two-year contract worth 62 million dollars with San Francisco after the spring camp began.

Although the amount was smaller than expected, Snell’s two-year, 62 million dollars is among the best in terms of treatment in the league. However, as of Tuesday (Korea time), he started two games this season and has lost two games with a 12.86 ERA, failing to make any difference in his value. San Francisco fans even left derisory comments on SNS (Social Network Service) saying, “If Snell’s ball power is that low, I can hit it, too.”

Another Boras customer, San Francisco third baseman Matt Chapman, is taking a path not much different from Snell’s. He persisted by demanding a large contract worth more than 100 million U.S. dollars, but ended up having to sign a three-year, 54 million-dollar contract with his current team San Francisco amid the coldness of the FA market.

This is also a considerable amount of money, but Chapman is also showing good performance that fans will ridicule him. As of Tuesday, he played in a total of 20 games this season, showing poor performance with a batting average of 0.200 with four homers and 12 RBIs. His on-base plus slugging percentage is also low at 0.655. He is not living up to his physical cost.

Another Boras customer Cody Bellinger (29. Chicago Cubs) is also bottoming out, regrettably. As of Tuesday, he played in a total of 18 games this season, recording a batting average of 0.200, three homers and 12 RBIs. OPS is also sluggish at 0.668.

Belizeer also signed a three-year contract with the Chicago Cubs for 80 million dollars when no team found him after initially asking for a large contract worth more than 200 million dollars. In terms of current performance, that amount is absurd to Bellinger and deserves to be evaluated as overpay.

There was even a customer who fired Boras. Jordan Montgomery (32), a left-handed pitcher who achieved career high (10 wins and 11 losses) while playing for two teams, St. Louis and Texas, last year, is the hero.

Montgomery was also classified as the biggest pitcher along with Snell in the early days of the FA market, but only signed a one-year contract worth 25 million U.S. dollars with Arizona as the regular season was about to open. As a result, Montgomery has yet to take the mound for a single regular season due to lack of a build-up to start the season. Perhaps this is why Montgomery recently fired Boras and joined hands with another agent. 유흥알바

It’s not just that. The designated hitter that Boras sold to the New York Mets, about a week before the opening of the regular season, J.D. Martinez, 37, is still at the Mets’ spring camp in Florida, the U.S., and is doing nothing but building up his body. Recently, he got injections due to body aches and back muscle problems. In fact, the store is closed. His age, which many clubs had been concerned about, has finally become a matter of reality. At this juncture, Major League clubs are about to boycott the Boras Market.

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