“Seunghwan hyung and Kyumin hyung are also stubborn… ” Kang Min-ho, remarks on the young blood of Kye Tu-jin 


Weak fighting team is considered Samsung’s biggest weakness. 

As of the 2nd, Samsung’s bullpen ERA was 5.05, the highest among the 10 clubs. It is a figure that exceeds the team ERA (4.61) and starting ERA (4.34).

The name of the Samsung pitcher in the top 20 hold is not visible. There are no double-digit holds. Woo Kyu-min and right-hander Lee Seung-hyun are at the top of the team with 8 holds. Samsung suffered a come-from-behind defeat 8-11 against Pohang KIA on the 1st as they could not keep a 6-point lead. 

Manager Park Jin-man said, “The starting lineup works to some extent, but we all know that our team’s bullpen is weak, so when the starting pitcher goes down, we follow until the end. (From the opponent’s point of view) That’s a strategy,” he said with a bitter expression. He continued, “In the current situation, there is no evasion agent to call up from Futures. It is a situation where we have to utilize existing resources.” 

Kang Min-ho, a former national catcher, expressed his thoughts on the sluggish performance of the pitching team. He did not hesitate to speak bitterly toward his junior pitchers. 

After leading Samsung to a 7-6 victory by scoring a final hit against KIA in Pohang on the 2nd, he calmly admitted that “at this point, our fight team is weak,” while meeting with reporters, “It is just an excuse to think we are weak. We have to overcome it,” he stressed. 

Kang Min-ho cited Oh Seung-hwan, the “end leader” with 383 saves in his personal career, and Woo Kyu-min, who broke through the 100 hold, as examples, saying, “Seung-hwan hyung and Kyu-min hyung are on the older side, but they are stubbornly trying to help the team in any way. I do,” he said, expressing his respect. 꽁머니

He continued, “You shouldn’t show young pitchers breaking down easily. Somehow, even during the season (to make it better), we have to develop the power to fight opponents by making changes,” he said, raising his voice, saying, “You shouldn’t have the thought of preparing for next year just because this season didn’t go well.” 

There seems to be a reason why the young blood of Samsung’s gyetujin should listen to Kang Min-ho’s bitter voice. /

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