Pittsburgh trade catcher Hedges to Texas


The Pittsburgh Pirates are clearing another veteran.

Local media such as ‘MLB.com’ quoted sources on the 2nd (Korean time) and reported that Pittsburgh would trade catcher Austin Hedges (31) to the Texas Rangers.

Hedges joined Pittsburgh this season on a one-year, $5 million contract and has been the team’s main catcher.

In 65 games, he had a batting average of 0.180, an on-base percentage of 0.237, and a slugging percentage of 0.230.

Pittsburgh highly valued Hedges’ experience this season and used him as their starting catcher even after calling up prospect Henry Davis.

However, when Andy Rodriguez was subsequently called up, he was pushed as a backup catcher and ended up leaving the team in time for the trade deadline.

A veteran of 670 appearances in nine seasons in the major leagues, he played for three teams: the San Diego Padres, Cleveland Guardians and Pittsburgh.

This is the fourth team. He is scheduled to replace Jonah Haim, who left due to a left foot injury.

With the transfer of Hedges, Pittsburgh is able to use Henry Davis, who had been employed in right field, as catcher.메이저사이트

Previously, Pittsburgh general manager Ben Charrington predicted in an interview with local radio media that Davis would often be used as a catcher in the second half.

According to local media outlets such as ‘MLB.com’, Pittsburgh plans to receive a maximum contract fee for overseas amateur players in exchange for Hedges.

Pittsburgh is continuing its journey as a full-fledged ‘seller’ by trading Rich Hill, Choi Ji-man, and Hedges following Carlos Santana.

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