“Lotte brought it well” I praised the leader of the 1st place team… What is the fall in the 10%?


 “Lotte brought me well.” On the

29th of last month, LG general manager Cha Myung-seok appeared on the YouTube live for the first half of the year on the LG club’s YouTube channel and mentioned Lotte foreign player Nico Goodrum (31). .

General Manager Cha Myung-seok talked about foreign pitcher Casey Kelly in the team and said, “If I thought I was better than Kelly now, I would have replaced him. In fact, after June, we bring in an independent league or Taiwanese professional baseball player, and that also takes about a month. Really lucky. There is a team where a player is released by chance, such as Gudrum. A player like Gudrum is a player ranked at the top of all teams. Coincidentally, Lotte general manager Seong Min-gyu went to see him, and Gudrum was released, and as soon as he was released, he signed a contract. Seong Min-gyu, general manager, did a very good job.” He expressed Lotte’s contract with Gudrum as ‘lucky’.

In fact, it is not an easy time to recruit old drum players. Goodrum declared an opt-out after playing for the Triple-A Worcester Red Sox under the Boston Red Sox, came out to the market, and was able to sign a contract with Lotte for an annual salary of 400,000 dollars (approximately 500 million won). Lotte was able to bring Goodrum without paying a transfer fee even with a limited amount.

As much as that, Lotte was able to recruit Gudrum when the timing was exquisitely matched, but Gudrum has not been able to show much activity since joining Lotte.

Goodrum is a switch hitter who can use both hands and has the advantage of being able to play a variety of positions. Lotte coach Larry Sutton also said, “Gudrum is a switch hitter, so it helps when making lineups. He gives variety in defense. He can play almost any position, and he says that shortstop and second baseman are the most comfortable, but he can also play as third baseman. “He’s showing good form. It brings flexibility to the lineup. If there are players who need a day off, Goodrum can step in and help the team.”

The problem is the blow. Even when the three-game series against the KIA was in full swing last weekend, coach Sutton wrapped up, saying, “A ball with a strong drummer is coming out. If you add the ball to the front of the fielder, you would have hit more than 35% batting average.” After playing an active role with 2 hits and 4 RBIs in 3 at bats, he has been in a long silence with no hits in 10 at bats. He even picked up 1 walk, that’s all.

In particular, in the game against Sajik Lotte on the 1st, which marked the start of August, Gudrum went 0-5 in 5 at-bats, showing that his sense of hitting was hitting the bottom. He struck out twice, and all other balls did not leave the infield.

The record that Goodrum left in 10 games was .189 batting average and 6 RBIs without a home run. Of course, Gudrum is not a giant hitter. However, he is not even able to show exceptional on-base ability like the .448 on-base percentage he left in his Triple-A days, which is frustrating for Lotte. Coach Sutton appointed Goodrum as the second hitter as soon as he joined and said, “As you can see from the record, he is a type of hitter who has more walks than strikeouts. He also controls his strike zone very well. I did,” but so far I haven’t seen any significant effects.안전놀이터

When will Gudrum, whom Lotte recruited ambitiously for a turnaround in the second half, be able to show off the majesty of a Triple A on-base machine? Lotte lost 3-6 against Sajik NC on the 1st, and was driven to the slopes with 4 consecutive losses. If you fall further down here, you may not be able to rebound and finish the season. Perhaps Lotte and Gudrum are a community of destiny.

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