Leverkusen Crazy, Unbeaten in 33 games… No. 1, 11 points ahead of Bayern Munich, which is why manager Alonso ‘explodes in popularity’


Bayer Leverkusen has set a new record.

Leverkusen won 2-1 in the 23rd round of the 2023-2024 German Bundesliga against Mainz05 at the By Arena in Leverkusen, Germany, on the 24th (Korea time).

Leverkusen took the lead with Granit Xhaka’s goal three minutes into the first half. Dominic Core scored the equalizer four minutes later, but Robert Andrich scored the winner in the 23rd minute.

Leverkusen, who added three points at home, scored 61 points to maintain an 11-point lead over Bayern Munich (50 points), which has yet to play in this round.

Leverkusen has been undefeated with 19 wins and four draws in 23 Bundesliga matches. It has also won all four matches of the German Football Association (DFB) Pokal. It has won all six UEFA Europa League matches. It has had 29 wins and four draws in a total of 33 matches throughout the season. It is encouraging that it has never lost a match even as it entered the end of February.

Leverkusen has the most undefeated matches in German club history. It is having the best season in Leverkusen’s history. Leverkusen has not won the Bundesliga yet. It has only been runner-up five times in total. Now it seems that the first championship is in hand.

Leverkusen coach Xavi Alonso’s stock price rises thanks to his team’s performance and game contents. Alonso, who took the helm in 2022, was born in 1981 and is a young leader, and is already receiving great attention from major European clubs. He is already busy to serve as the head coach of the next season at his two former clubs, Bayern Munich and Liverpool. 여우알바

Bayern Munich has decided to break up with Thomas Tuchel and Liverpool with Jurgen Klopp. It is time to find a new coach, but Alonso is on the rise. Both teams are known to be actively sending love calls to invite Alonso for the next season.

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