LG preparing for the Korean Series… Plutco excluded from power plan


 The LG Twins, who have confirmed their direct advance to the Korean Series, are now entering ‘preparation time’ to complete their first combined championship in 29 years.

Although the regular season is not over yet, it is important for players to finish the season healthy and at their best.

It has been confirmed that several key players will leave the lineup in preparation for the Korean Series.

LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop said ahead of the Lotte Giants game held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 4th, “Among the fielders, catcher Park Dong-won will be removed from the lineup after the final home game on the 6th. His wrist is not in good condition right now, so he will return to the Korean Series.”

Among the starting pitchers, Casey Kelly and Choi Won-tae will be missing from the first team lineup on the 5th.

Coach Yeom explained, “Choi Won-tae has already exceeded his pitching limit. We are giving him a break in advance to ensure he is in the best condition when he starts training three days after the end of the regular season.”

If they leave, Lim Chan-gyu, Lee Jeong-yong, and Kim Yun-sik will remain in the starting lineup. Kang Hyo-jong and Son Joo-young will fill the places that Kelly and Choi Won-tae are missing.

In the Korean Series, the role of a long relief pitcher is important in case the starting pitcher leaves the mound early.

In particular, a ‘second starting pitcher’ who can be attached as ‘1+1’ with the starting pitcher is needed.

Coach Yeom said, “Whether Kim Yun-sik or Lee Jeong-yong should take on that role will be decided after the regular season ends.”

The return of Adam Plutko, the ace of the first half of the season who attracted much attention, is expected to be difficult.

Plutko, who won 11 games in the first half of the season, appeared in only four games in the second half due to a pelvic contusion and has been in rehabilitation ever since.

Coach Yeom made his decision, saying, “I prepare thinking that Plutko is not there. It’s a big disappointment, but he says he’s sick, and there’s nothing the team can do about him.”

Regarding left-handed striker Ham Deok-ju, who was excluded from the first team due to elbow pain, he added, “I will definitely join in time for the postseason. I am preparing smoothly.”

LG begins preparations for the Korean Series with camp training for all players at Icheon District 2 Stadium.토토사이트

Practice games are essential to maintain a feel for the game. Coach Yeom said, “I asked several clubs, and in the end, it was only an educational league (in which each club’s prospects participate). We decided that it would be better to have a practice game with our best strength than to play with a ball that is not in control.”

Some of LG’s starting fielders are competing for individual titles at the end of the season.

Hong Chang-gi is aiming for the batting average, most hits, most runs scored, and on-base percentage titles, and Shin Min-jae is on the verge of winning his first stolen base title since his debut.

Coach Yeom said bluntly, “There is no travel management for individual titles. Shin Min-jae, who is competing for first place in stolen bases, can easily become the stolen base king if he is used as a pinch runner for the remaining games. However, if he does that, he will not be recognized.”

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