Like you dealt with me…” Widener who succeeded in ‘re-employment’, what did he ask his colleagues at Samsung? 


A foreign pitcher who succeeded in re-employment on the KBO league stage conveyed a request to his new colleagues.

Taylor Widener (28), the new foreign pitcher for the Samsung Lions, greeted the team with a pleasant wit. The sadness released from the NC Dinos was quickly washed away.

Widener met Samsung colleagues. He signed a contract with the NC Dinos and stepped on the KBO League stage, but he joined the Samsung team after being released with 4 wins and 2 losses and an average ERA of 4.52 in 11 games.

Previously, on the 10th, Samsung requested a waiver announcement from the KBO for Suarez, a foreign pitcher who suffered a left calf injury, and signed a waiver announcement in NC on the 4th.

From the 11th, Widener held a meeting with the Samsung team, who are on an expedition to Incheon, and even checked their condition with pitching in the bullpen. He warmed up lightly by throwing 12 balls, but according to a Samsung official, exclamations of ‘wow’ came out.

Although he started the season late due to an injury and had to leave NC due to poor performance, Widener was full of confidence. He said, “When I was at NC, I thought he played his last three games really well. He thought that he was now back in normal condition, and he had confidence, but he was saddened by the unfortunate news.”

Manager Park Jin-man laughed, saying, “Widener himself said he was released when he was in the best condition,” and said, “I plan to start the game on the 13th. He told me to seize the new opportunity well,” he said.

Widener also seemed more determined to do well in the future than his disappointment. He smiled brightly, saying, “It’s good to be back at work like this.” He also sent a message of favor to Samsung hitters.

He said, “I allowed a lot of runs in the match against Samsung. Now that I play with these players, I think I can spend the season well. It was the worst day ever. At the time, he looked back, saying, “If he hadn’t played against Samsung, the numbers would have been better.”꽁머니

Coach Park said, “I don’t think I was in 100% physical condition at the time,” and “the last two games have been quite good. It is positive,” he said.

Widener was not good last June 6th against Samsung, giving up 9 runs in 4⅔innings. So he said, “I don’t need anything else,” and “I want you to swing aggressively like you did against me last time. I want you to think of the opposing pitcher’s face as your own face,” he emphasized.

Wearing the number 57 shirt, Widener prepares for his start on the final day of the SSG expedition. It will be his first win in his Samsung debut and his 5th win in the KBO League.

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