Lingard, the man who plays the fiddle, has a good showmanship in his songs, and he has adapted to FC Seoul


The singing skills and showmanship of “The Fifer” were also great.

Jesse Lingard (32), a former England national soccer player and Manchester United player, is adapting smoothly to FC Seoul with his unique cheerfulness and activism.

Lingard, who has been training in Kagoshima, Japan, since joining Seoul on the 8th, is rapidly melting into team training. He has recently participated in team practice matches, gradually increasing his sense of play. On the 19th, an interview video of Lingard during his off-season training was uploaded on the official account of FC Seoul YouTube. Lingard said, “I’m learning what my teammates are playing,” adding, “In the first practice game, I asked Ki Sung-yueng for the ball because I would play in an empty space, and I did it to Aleuthenko, and it’s important to continue to develop this teamwork.”

Lingard is actively seeking to become one with his teammates outside the field. In an SNS video released by his teammate Lim Sang-hyup on the day, Lingard sang Will Smith’s song while holding a microphone in front of him at a place where his teammates were sitting. He toured various seats where his teammates were sitting 꽁머니지급 and sang happily, drawing favorable responses from teammates.

Earlier in the team’s YouTube video, he was seen grilling beef with Ki Sung-yueng in a grill. Lingard smacked his lips while holding chopsticks, making a face to the camera. During the Lunar New Year holidays soon after he joined the team, he celebrated with his teammates by playing traditional games such as yutnori and jegichagi, and enjoyed Korean life by sitting in the cheering squad for FC Seoul.

Seoul fans’ expectations for the season are high as global big stars show their efforts to adapt to the team with an active attitude.

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