Major League Baseball permanently introduces overtime play…strengthening standards for pitchers


In the American professional baseball Major League (MLB), the overtime match-up system is expected to become virtually permanent.

‘The Associated Press’ and ‘ESPN’ said on the 14th (Korean time), “The joint competition committee created by the MLB Secretariat and the American Professional Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) is unanimous in making the regular season overtime rule permanent from second base. agreed,” he reported.

In 2020, when Corona 19 spread, the major leagues temporarily introduced an overtime game to protect players. It seems that the overtime game that continued after that will harden as it is. However, this is limited to the regular season. 바카라사이트

Matchmaking is characterized by the fact that, if the game is not decided within regular innings, it induces quick scoring in overtime to reduce the time required for the game and reduce the consumption of pitchers.

In addition, the committee has strengthened the criteria for fielder’s appearance on the mound. The committee allowed a fielder to be used as a pitcher only when the losing team was led by more than 8 points, and the winning team led by more than 10 points in the ninth inning. In overtime, it is possible regardless of the score difference. Previously, if the score difference between the two teams was 6 points or more, fielders were allowed to appear on the mound.

The joint competition committee that made this decision is a meeting body created after major league labor and management agreed on a new labor-management agreement in March of last year, and is composed of six members from the management, four from the players and one from the referee.

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