Manager Melvin “Ha-seong Kim, who will play shortstop in the WBC, will not be a big problem”


Bob Melvin, manager of the San Diego Padres, who will send Kim Ha-seong to the World Baseball Classic (WBC), conveyed his thoughts on his position.

In an interview reported on the 11th (Korean time) through the San Diego Union Tribune, a leading local media, Melvin said, “I don’t think it will be a big problem,” and said about Ha-sung Kim’s position problem.

Kim Ha-seong, who played as the team’s main shortstop last season, is inevitable to change his position in his team this season. This is because Zander Bogatz, who had been playing only as a shortstop, joined the team.

According to Kim Ha-seong, general manager AJ Preller left an order saying, “I will go out a lot as a second baseman, but I hope that I will prepare as a shortstop.” In the 2023 season, Ha-seong Kim is expected to spend more time as a second baseman than as a shortstop, his main position.

He’s not completely out of shortstop. In particular, at the WBC, which will be held during the camp, he will be the main shortstop for the Korean national team. 안전놀이터

Having to prepare a second baseman and a shortstop at the same time can be confusing. I am also worried about breathing with the new shortstop Bogatz.

Manager Melvin said, “I know Ha-seong Kim will play shortstop in the WBC,” but expected this to not be a big problem.

Regarding breathing with Bogatz, “I know that both the Korean and Dutch national teams are training in Arizona.” Both players will spend as much time with us as possible.”

Regarding the players participating in the WBC, he said, “I will digest a sufficient number of at-bats,” and said that it would have a positive effect on preparation for the season, but expressed concern about the players’ injuries, saying, “I am worried about injuries.”

Regarding Fernando Tatis Jr., who did not play a single game last season due to a wrist injury and drug discipline, he said, “I have not been able to consistently play the game,” and then “I will play a little bit as a designated hitter and will continue to play different positions. I think there will be room because the players won’t be playing three days in a row at camp. During the camp, we will find the best position for him. He will play both infield and outfield,” he said of the operating plan.

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