‘Mark’ Hong Chang-hyun, who pledged to retire, ‘Now my summoner’s name is ‘Mark'”


Team Liquid lost to Flyquest in the 2023 LCS Spring Opener. ‘Pyosik’ Hong Chang-hyeon, who made a promise to retire if he loses that day, said that he would change his summoner name to ‘Mark’. Of course, it was a joke story.

Team Liquid lost to Flyquest in the opening game of the 2023 League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) held at the Riot Games Arena in Los Angeles, California on the 27th (Korean time). Flyquest led the game, recording a quadra kill by Lee “Prince” Chae-hwan in the second half.

The story begins with an interview with ‘Pyosik’ Chang-hyun Hong with Monster Energy Gaming, one of Team Liquid’s sponsors. “I looked at all the rosters of the teams that were offered me, and I thought Team Liquid was the best,” he said. “he opened his mouth.

스포츠토토 “It’s only been two days since I came to North America and scrimmed, but there was no outstanding jungler,” he said. “If I lose the opening game against Flyquest, I will retire. (laughs)”

However, as Team Liquid lost the opening match against Flyquest, Hong Chang-hyun was put in danger of retirement (?). Cho Yong-in of the same team, ‘Core Jangjeon’, posted an apology from Hong Chang-hyun on his SNS. .

When Hong Chang-hyun’s video was released, the video was changed to ‘MEME’ in North America. Seong “Yeon” Seong, a long-distance dealer on the same team, said, “Hello, Mark, thank you always.” Mid laner Harry “Harry” Kang said, “It was a short time with Mark, but I really enjoyed it. “Rer will be making an emergency call-up. We hope to help him and do our best against TSM.”

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