‘ML soft landing’ Peddy, PS must win card? ‘Trade possibility ↑’


Eric Peddy (31), who emerged as the ace of the Chicago White Sox, who failed to win 10 games in a month after the opening, is expected to gain popularity in the trade market.

Feddy pitched 34 2/3 innings in six games this season until Tuesday (Korea time), recording two wins and no loss with an ERA of 2.60. He struck out 39.

It didn’t get off to a good start. In his first game of the season, he failed to fill five innings with two runs in 42/3 innings, but has since pitched well in four of the five games.

Notably, he allowed two runs in 81/3 innings at the game against the Tampa Bay Rays on Wednesday, as he recorded his first quality start+ since returning to the Major League. He missed the dominant start due to one run short.

If Peddy continues to pitch well like this, he will boast a very high popularity in the trade market this summer. There is no such card for a team that lacks starting pitchers.
The Chicago White Sox had six wins and 22 losses and a winning percentage of 0.214 through Tuesday. The gap with the Cleveland Guardians, the leader of the American League Central, is a whopping 13 games.

Even at the beginning of the season, it is very unlikely that the Chicago White Sox will compete for a postseason berth. Neither the initial performance nor the actual performance is good.

As a result, Peddy, who signed a two-year contract and can hold one and a half seasons, is expected to enjoy great popularity. Of course, this requires Peddy to maintain a consistent good performance.

Ahead of this season, he signed a two-year contract with the Chicago White Sox for 15 million U.S. dollars. He is paid 7.5 million dollars every year. He will enter the free agent market after the 2025 season. 안전놀이터
His salary is very low for a top-performing starting pitcher. Chances are high that the Chicago White Sox are already tapping the calculator for the pedi trade.

Attention is focusing on whether Peddy, who is performing well in the early stages of the Major League Baseball, will be reborn as a must-win card for the postseason.

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