“MLB’s best bromance” Kim Ha-seong, Machado’s nickname was engraved on the bat


Kim Ha-seong (San Diego) is preparing for the new season with the nickname ‘Kim Cha-do’ on his bat. Is it his determination to show explosive blows like his best friend Manny Machado?

On the 29th (Korean time), Kim Ha-seong introduced a new bat to use this season through an Instagram story. The bat manufacturer ‘Over the Fly’ made this bat made of maple wood with the name ‘HA-SEONG KIM’ and the nickname ‘KIMCHADO’ written on it. The dimensions are 33.5 inches and 31 ounces.

It is noteworthy that the bat has a nickname derived from Machado, who is also a clubhouse leader in San Diego. Kim Ha-seong maintains a close relationship with Macha-do that is more than a teammate. Machado also learned Korean from Kim Ha-seong. There was also a scene where he cheered for Ha-seong Kim at the bat, saying “I love you!” on the relay screen.

For a while, when rumors of Kim Ha-sung’s trade surfaced, even rumors that Machado could put the brakes on came up. The American Athletic said that there is a possibility that San Diego might consider trading Kim Ha-seong, but “We need to consider Kim Ha-sung’s popularity among the coaching staff and players.” I even learned,” he added.

On the community site ‘Reddit’, reactions such as “MLB’s best bromance”, “Make Kim Cha-do goods”, “It was nice to see Kim Ha-seong playing next to Macha-do as a shortstop” came out.

Kim Ha-seong did not leave any special comments while sharing a video of his name being engraved on a bat. Wasn’t he willing to follow Machado in hitting? Machado had a good enough season to finish second in the National League MVP voting last year. In 150 games, he posted 32 home runs and 102 RBIs for a batting average of .298. The runner-up in MVP voting is Machado’s career high.

Kim Ha-seong at bat has also become a more promising player. Kim Ha-seong showed the qualities of a major league infielder by recording a batting average of 0.251, 11 homers, 59 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.708 in 150 games last season. 메이저사이트

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