More threatening than free-kick → ‘Inni human dialysis machine’ Arhan fingertips, Il also shot… Suwon FC’s attractive option is expected


Indonesia’s Shin Tae-yong failed to pass Japan, but Pramata Arhan (Suwon FC)’s long throw-in, a “human dialysis machine,” added to the fun to watch. Eventually, the team opened up Japan’s goal.

In the final Group D match of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup at Altumama Stadium in Doha, Qatar on the 24th (Korea time), Arhan attempted a long throw-in from the left touchline in the second half of the extra time, trailing 0-3.

A large number of Japanese defenders were standing in front of the goal to stop Arhan’s stunt-like long throw, but the ball he tried to clear with his header missed and flowed to the right. At this time, Walsh, a defender who participated in the attack, connected with a right-footed non-stop shot to split the goal.

Based on the 5-4-1 formation early in the first half, Indonesia stuck to forward pressure in the midfield area as Shin ordered. However, it gave Ayase Ueda the first goal in the first six minutes of the first half, and was constantly shaken by Japan’s penetration pass and stepped back.

At the 7th minute of the second half, Japan allowed Ueda an additional goal in a counterattack opportunity, showing strong defeat. At the 43rd minute of the second half, he failed to block Junya Ito’s fast penetration to the right, and Justin Huvner, who was blocking Ueda’s shot, committed an own goal.

Arhan’s long throwback spared Indonesia’s loss. Indonesia has secured the third place in its group with one win and two losses (three points), and needs to aim for the last leg of its round of 16 teams to be given to the top four of the six third-place teams in the tournament. We have to wait and see other group matches the next day, and the score made by Arhan’s hand could be crucial in determining future goal differences.

Arhan’s Long-Slowin was also a hot topic among domestic fans right after the last Vietnam match (Indonesia 1-0 win).

Reminiscent of Rory Delap, who is famous for his “human dialysis machine” in the English Premier League in the past, his long throw-in draws a trajectory that is difficult for the opponent’s defense to deal with as well as accuracy. Rather, it is more of a threat than a free kick. 헤라카지노주소

Arhan recently joined Suwon FC in the K-League as a quarter for Southeast Asian countries. In other words, Korean fans can “directly” his long throw-in in the K-League in the 2024 season. Through this year’s event, Suwon FC has come to have confidence in Arhan’s attractive option of “hand” in attacking areas.

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