Barcelona’s worst losing team in a decade. The best colossus is Ligue 1 Lille


The best colossus was Ligue 1 Lille, and the ‘worst loss’ was La Liga FC Barcelona.

The International Sports Research Institute (CIES) announced on the 25th (Korea Standard Time) a study on income statements in the process of recruiting and transferring players who are not from academies in the European League for the last 10 years (2014-2023).

Barcelona, Chelsea and Arsenal have lost the most money through player transfers in world football over the past decade.

CIES announced, “Lariga giant Barcelona suffered the most losses with 631 million euros (about 917 billion won), and League 1 Lille earned the most profits with 386 million euros (about 560 billion won).”

Of the 10 teams that suffered the most losses, six Premier League clubs were named.

Chelsea and Arsenal finished second and third, respectively, with Manchester United fifth, Aston Villa seventh, Everton eighth and Liverpool ninth.

Brentford (26th) and Brighton (29th) were included in the top 50 earnings list. Stoke City is a unique club. Although it has not been promoted to the Premier League in the last six years, it is ranked 16th with the most losses. 랭크카지노도메인

Barcelona, the top-ranked team, spent more than 1.2 billion euros, leaving only 613 million euros in transfers. Philippe Coutinho was a £142 million signing for Liverpool in 2018, but he left for Aston Villa for £17 million. Usman Dembele was hired for £135.5 million and sold to PSG for £43.5 million last summer.

On the other hand, Lille, the top-grossing player, signed striker Victor Osimhen for £10 million before moving to Napoli for £82 million. Sven Boatman joined Newcastle United for £32 million after signing for £7.2 million. Ajax came in second on the list.

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