“Nobody but Kim Ha-sung…no need to be afraid” Falling SD, horned wagons also have an emergency meeting “unacceptable”


Kim Ha-seong (28) continues to play an active role, but the San Diego Padres rarely laugh. He is so upset that he even has an emergency meeting with the players after losing a game. 

Kim Ha-seong started as the first hitter and second baseman in an away game against the Seattle Mariners on the 10th (Korean time), and succeeded in multiple on-base with 1 hit and 1 walk in 3 at-bats, and also succeeded in stealing 3 bases. Kim Ha-seong, who had his first 3 stolen bases in one game, including during the KBO League, has recently hit 15 consecutive games and on-base in 18 consecutive games, maintaining a batting average of .835 (106 hits in 368 at-bats) for the season. 

However, San Diego lost to Seattle 1-6. Seattle starting pitcher Emerson Hancock, who made his major league debut, blocked the San Diego lineup with 2 hits, 3 walks, 3 strikeouts and 1 run in 5 innings. After Kim Ha-seong, who walked on base in the first inning, succeeded in stealing 2nd and 3rd base in a row, the only score was when he stepped on the home base when Juan Soto grounded in front of the pitcher. 

After the game, the local San Diego Union-Tribune reported, “If Hancock hasn’t heard how disappointing the San Diego lineup has been this season, you know there’s no need to fear the famous names etched on the back of their jerseys after the game. Ha-seong Kim confused Hancock a little, but not much else.”

Kim Ha-seong hit Hancock in the third inning and succeeded in stealing second base again, but in the second and third innings, Fernando Tatis Jr. and Juan Soto withdrew with shortstop grounders and second base grounders, respectively, and had to remain on the remaining base. Tatis Jr. and Soto were silent with no hits in 4 at-bats side by side. Tatis Jr.’s performance fell sharply with a batting average of .256 and an OPS of .780 for the season. 안전놀이터

San Diego, which gave up 5 runs in the 8th inning alone and even collapsed the bullpen, lost to Seattle after a scoreless loss (0-2) the previous day and silenced the batting line for 2 consecutive games. San Diego, which recently finished 7th in the National League wild card with 55 wins and 60 losses along with 4 consecutive losses, widened its gap with the 3rd place Miami Marlins (60 wins and 56 losses) by 4.5 games. Every game for the rest of the season is important, but lethargic games are repeating. 

After the game, an emergency team meeting was held for 20 minutes at the clubhouse. “It’s unacceptable,” said San Diego star third baseman Manny Machado. The opposing pitcher threw well, but we had to show a much better performance,” he said. “We can solve problems when we talk to each other. In the end, it all depends on us. I believe in the 26 players here. All 26 of us must work together to reach our desired goal. We have to play better baseball,” he said.  

Shortstop Zander Bogatz also said, “It is difficult to win with two or three hits. He is a pitcher the opponent has never seen before, and he threw strikes and the movement of the ball was good, but we had to do better,” he said. “It is not too late yet. We all said we could have a winning streak, but we haven’t yet. Still, all the players firmly believe that it will happen.” 

The San Diego team meeting was the 4th this season, and most of it was arranged to solve the batting problem. “We have to play as a team, but there is no consistency,” Soto said. Some days it’s good, some days it’s not. You have to work hard every day without giving up.” The reality of San Diego is that there are no consistent players other than Kim Ha-sung in the lineup. 

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