“Now I am also a PBA champ” Kang Min-goo wins his first championship at the end of the final ‘4 out of 5’


‘Runner-up expert’ Kang Min-goo finally solved his regret for winning the championship.

Kang Min-goo (Blue One Angels) scored a set score of 4:2 (14:15, 15:15: 14:15, 15:00) in the final round of the ‘Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang PBA Championship’ held at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the night of the 24th. 6, 2:15, 15:7, 15:9, 15:5) Received a come-from-behind victory and won the championship cup.

As a result, Kang Min-gu advanced to the final in about two years after the 5th round of the 20/21 season (Welcome Savings Bank Cup) and won the first professional championship.

In particular, Kang Min-gu reached the finals four times, including the finals of the first tournament in the first season of the PBA (19/20 1st and 4th games, 20/21 season 4th and 5th games), but failed to win each time, causing a terrible ‘runner-up jinx’. have been through However, in this competition, which was the 5th final, it finally came out on top.

On the other hand, Ngo Dinnai, who returned to the PBA this season, aimed for his first professional championship in 10 tournaments, but was blocked by Kang Min-goo and ended up in runner-up. Jo Jae-ho (NH Nonghyup Card Green Force) and Kang Seong-ho occupied the joint third place.

The ‘Wellbang Top Ranking PBA Top Average’ award given to the player with the highest average was awarded to Lim Tae-soo, who recorded an average of 3.214 against Javier Palazon (Huons Healthcare Legend) in the round of 64.

◆The feeling of being revived more and more… 4:2 come-from-behind victory over sluggishness in the early

stages Kang Min-goo showed ups and downs in the beginning of the game, and started uneasy. Kang Min-gu was on the verge of victory with a lead of 14:11 from the first set to 7 innings, but Ngo Dinnai, who inherited the right to attack, handled the remaining 4 points and lost 14:15.

In the second set, thanks to a high run of 6 points, Kang Min-gu won 15:6 in 6 innings, and seemed to regain the mood by pursuing immediately. However, in the 3rd set, it was completely defeated with 2:15 (8 innings), and the set score was dragged to 1:2, creating an uneasy atmosphere again.

However, from the 4th set, Kang Min-goo’s senses began to revive again. Kang Min-goo brought the 4th set to 15:7 in 6 innings and tied the set score 2:2, then in the 5th set it was dragged to 2:7 until the 5th inning, and then scored 7 high runs and 6 points in the following 6 and 7 innings, respectively. It was a come-from-behind victory with a score of 15:9. In fact, it was the winning point of the game.

Kang Min-goo, who entered the 6th set with a set score of 3:2, took a huge lead with 11:0 in 3 innings, continuing the feeling of being revived. Kang Min-goo, who reached the match point by making 14:5 in 5 innings, added the last one in the 6th inning, ending the game as it was and winning the championship cup. 온라인바카라

◆Seo Hyun-min, We Mars, Cho Jae-ho, etc. won the championship by winning consecutively… The first game is the biggest hurdle

Kang Min-goo defeated the strong players such as Seo Hyun-min (Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang Phoenix), Birol Wimarz (Welcome Savings Bank) Cho Jae-ho and reached the championship.

For Kang Min-goo, who started this tournament from the round of 128, the first round was the biggest hurdle. Kang Min-goo narrowly won after a match with Choi Dong-seon with a set score of 2:2. Kang Min-goo defeated Seo Hyeon-min 3:0 in the round of 64, and then won 3:2 in the round of 32 after a ‘full set match’ with Wimaz, the winner of the 3rd round. He defeated Choi Jun-ho.

Min-goo Kang faced Jae-ho Cho, the ‘strong enemy’, in the quarterfinals, but won 4:1 and advanced to the final.

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