“Pogba Sniper’s sting…”Winning WC as a kid was poison”


Graham Souness, who usually speaks bitterly at Paul Pogba, expressed his views on Pogba’s “doping disciplinary action” case.

“Souness, a former soccer player and commentator, reacted acrimoniously to Pogba’s four-year suspension,” global media outlet “Goal Dotcom” said on the 27th (Korea Standard Time).

Pogba is currently serving a four-year suspension. The reason is that he took testosterone, a hormone that temporarily enhances athletic ability. Pogba expressed his unfairness, but failed to avoid disciplinary action as the backup analysis also tested positive.

Of course, Pogba has also expressed his intention to appeal. European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano updated his appeal on his SNS, saying, “It’s more than a quick report. Pogba will no longer be able to play soccer for four years due to doping.”

There have also been absurd claims that Pogba did not voluntarily administer testosterone hormones. Rio Mabuba, who played for the French national team and Lille in the past, made a futile claim, saying, “I have no doubt about Pogba’s sincerity and I think he may have been deceived to some extent.”

Pogba, whose career was going downhill with or without disciplinary action. Souness, who is also known as a “Pogba sniper,” shot him publicly once again. Souness told The Telegraph, “When I was with him, I felt frustrated with him. Even though he had all the talents and physical skills that a great player has, his attitude was not good. The bottom line is that he did not train hard. The worst thing that ever happened to him was to win a World Cup as a child. It gave him a big, comfortable seat in the armchair. He thought that it was not about doing hard work anymore, but about drawing attention on the soccer field.” 밤알바

He added, “I’m not happy with what happened to him, because he was a young man with enough talent to be remembered as a great midfielder in football. But unfortunately, he will not be remembered that way. He will only be remembered as a player who took banned substances.”

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