Tuchel, what the hell did you do to Munich?…The team’s ransom falls by ’70 billion’ in three months


Thomas Tuchel’s slump was also confirmed by numbers.

Football statistics media ‘Transfermarkt’ announced the top 10 teams in the Bundesliga on its official SNS on the 27th (Korea Standard Time). Bayern Munich took the top spot as expected, followed by Leverkusen, Leipzig and Dortmund.

Munich took the top spot overall with a ransom of 929 million euros (W1.359 trillion). There was a “hell tee,” as it was the sharpest drop in ransom in the update. In December, Munich, where the total ransom for the team was 976 million euros (W1.427.7 billion), fell 47 million euros (W68.7 billion) to 929 million as of about three months later. The result was contrary to the 42 million euros (W61.4 billion) gain for Stuttgart, which came in fifth.

Majority of the decline was attributable to key players’ ransom payments. Aside from Harry Kane and Jamal Musiala, key players such as Leroy Sane, Joshua Kimmich, Alfonso Davis, and Kim Min-jae all suffered a drop from 10 million euros to 15 million euros.

It is natural for Munich to see its value fall in a certain way. It was because the team fell into a slump in the second half. The start was from the 21st round of the Bundesliga against Leverkusen. Munich lost 0-3 in an away match against Lazio in the first round of 16 strongest teams and lost against Bochum in the 22nd round, achieving the humiliating three consecutive official matches in about 10 years.

At the same time, he concluded his relationship with Tuchel at the end of this season. In February, Munich officially announced on its website, “The club and Tuchel have decided to terminate the contract, which was originally scheduled to expire on June 30, 2025, on June 30, 2024. This was concluded through smooth dialogue between sports director Jan-Christian Dresen and Tuchel.” Since then, he has successfully regained stability by changing his defense line, but in fact, his chances of winning the league have been very low. 업소알바

Meanwhile, Leverkusen, which is aiming to win the league’s unbeaten title under coach Xavi Alonso, came in second with a ransom of 595 million euros, up a whopping 28 million euros (W40.9 billion). Leipzig and Dortmund, which ranked third and fourth respectively, had a total ransom of 497 million euros (W727 billion) and 464 million euros (W678.7 billion).

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