Recruitment of Han Seok-hee, an all-purpose card in the offensive area, ‘It happens again in Cheonan City’


Han Seok-hee’s strengths are explosive speed, bold breakthroughs, and instantaneous penetration into space. In the past, when he was a student at Honam University, he was the top scorer (13 goals) in the national Chugye University League and gave his alma mater the trophy for the Fall League Championship in 19 years. He started his professional career in 2019 with Suwon Samsung. He was noted as a player who energizes the offense. He moved on loan to Jeonnam Dragons in the second half of last year, and then completely moved to Cheonan this year.

Han Seok-hee is determined to make a fresh start in Cheonan. He said, “I couldn’t play the whole season while undergoing surgery in 2021. Even the following year, it was difficult to get a chance to play against my mind because of the aftermath of the injury.”

Han Seok-hee started winter training with a more sincere heart than anyone else. Currently, his physical condition is ‘very good’. The condition of his troublesome cruciate ligament is sending a signal that ‘it’s okay to run’. He said, “If I had been pushed back from the main competition, I would have worked harder to fill the shortcoming. However, I was frustrated because I couldn’t even train, let alone play in the game, when I was injured. In Cheonan, my priority is to play in more games. .I can play any position in the attacking area. I want to help my team score goals and win, and become a player who takes the lead in achieving goals. I feel comfortable because I have players of my age, and there is no difficulty adapting to Cheonan. Like a professional I will put my mind together and prepare for the new season.” 토토

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