Ryu Hyun-jin, former colleague ‘115SV’ limited express finish, showcase opens… Can ML return?


Ken Giles, a ‘special finisher’ with 115 saves in his major league career and ‘former colleague of Ryu Hyun-jin’, will appear in the showcase. He is in a position to prove his skills in front of the club officials.

John Heyman of ‘MLB Network’ reported on the 26th (Korean time) that Ken Giles would hold a showcase. Heyman said, “Giles will be pitching on February 9 in Tampe, Arizona, for teams interested in him.”

Giles was nominated by the Philadelphia Phillies with the 241st overall pick in the 7th round of the 2011 rookie draft and started his professional career, and stepped on the big league stage in 2014. Giles played for the Houston Astros, Toronto Blue Jays, and Seattle Mariners, and has a 2.71 ERA with 14 wins, 18 losses, 47 holds, and 115 saves in 362 major league games.

In his first season in his debut season, Giles recorded 3 wins, 1 loss, 13 holds, 1 save, and an ERA of 1.18 in 44 games. And the following year, he participated in 69 games and succeeded in showing consistency with 6 wins, 3 losses, 12 holds, 15 saves, and an average ERA of 1.80. Giles was traded to Houston after the season, and his performance continued.

In the first year after moving to Houston, Giles slowed down a bit with 2-5, 18 holds, 15 saves, and an ERA of 4.11 in 69 games, but in 63 games in the 2017 season, he went 1-3, 2 holds, 34 saves, and had an ERA of 2.30. At that time, Houston lifted the World Series championship trophy with Giles back.

Giles once again had a poor season with a 4.65 ERA in 2018, but rebounded in 2019 with a 2-3 record with 23 saves and a 1.87 ERA. However, it was difficult to find his old skills in Giles, who underwent Tommy John surgery after the 2020 season. 토토사이트

Giles, who threw a fast ball with a maximum speed of 100 miles (about 161 km) and an average of 97 miles (about 156 km) before undergoing Tommy John surgery, last year averaged a fastball speed of 94.8 miles (about 152 km). Eventually, Giles returned to the mound in 2022, but was released after only playing in five games.

First of all, Giles plans to prove his strength through his showcase. Given his career, a healthy Giles could still make it in the majors. It remains to be seen whether the sweat he shed for a comeback after parting ways with Seattle will bear fruit.

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