‘Scary 5th place’ KB Stars, the meaning of Samsung Life’s complete victory


Park Ji-soo’s return, the injured ward overnight, Samsung Life Insurance, etc. Variable after variable is repeated, and the mid-level game is fluctuating. While KB Stars, the ‘terrifying 5th place’, is accumulating a multiplier, Samsung Life Insurance, which once aimed for 2nd place, is now in a situation where even the 3rd place shooter has to worry.

Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league has entered the 5th round. Busan BNK Some and Cheongju KB Stars each won their first match and started the 5th round in a good mood.

Most encouraging of all was the complete victory of KB Stars. On the 28th, KB Stars continued their 4-game winning streak by displaying hot offense, with 5 players scoring double digits in a home game against Yongin Samsung Life Insurance. The number of rides between 5th place KB Stars and 4th place Incheon Shinhan Bank decreased to 2.5 games.

What is noteworthy is that KB Stars significantly reduced the goal difference against Samsung Life Insurance. KB Stars recorded 1 win, 3 losses, -26 points until the 4th round confrontation with Samsung Life, but won 88-67 in the 5th round, reducing the goal margin to -5 points. If you win by more than 6 points in the 6th round of head-to-head, KB Stars will have an advantage over Samsung Life in terms of goal difference. This can act as a decisive factor in dividing the light and dark if both teams finish the season with the same win rate. 토토사이트

The current ranking is higher than shinhan bank, but when you look at the recent flow, Samsung life’s decline is not serious. Samsung Life suffered 5 consecutive losses amidst bad news, with Lee Joo-yeon and Kiana Smith being out for consecutive seasons. The ride with 4th place Shinhan Bank decreased to 0.5 games.

For KB Stars, it is possible to adjust the targets that need to be set aside to advance to the playoffs. KB Stars is recording 1 win and 3 losses in 4 matches against Shinhan Bank, and the goal margin is also -32 points. Of course, you have to decorate all the remaining two matches with victories, and of course, you have to make at least one complete victory to overcome -32 points. It is not an easy mission even for KB Stars with good spirits.

In addition, while Samsung Life Insurance is on a 5-game losing streak, including being caught by the lowest ranked Bucheon Hanawon Q, Shinhan Bank has never suffered more than 2 consecutive losses since 3 consecutive losses in the middle of the 1st round. He lost to BNK Some on the 27th and ended his 3-game winning streak, but his recent performance and flow are superior to Samsung Life Insurance. Perhaps this is why Samsung Life may be the realistic opponent that KB Stars must overcome to advance to the playoffs.

Coach Kim Wan-soo said, “Samsung Life Insurance and Shinhan Bank still have a large goal difference. I have to pay attention to the goal difference, but it is important to win first.” Park Ji-soo also said, “I try to compete while having fun. I don’t think about the games I have to play later. Right now, I’m only thinking about today’s match. I will continue to train and play like that in the future.”

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