Saudi Arabia to host the Asian Cup, next World Cup? Minister of Sports “Anything is possible”


Saudi Arabia, which maintained the Asian Cup for the first time in history to determine the strongest player in the Asian continent in men’s football, also implicitly hinted at its ambition to host the World Cup.

The AFC held the 33rd AFC General Assembly in Manama, Bahrain on the 1st and selected Saudi Arabia as the venue for the next Asian Men’s Cup four years later. After India, which had been competing until the end, announced its intention to withdraw its bid at the AFC Executive Committee in October of last year, Saudi Arabia was the only candidate to host the event, and it was finally approved through the general meeting that day.

As a result, the Asian Cup will be held in the Middle East three times in a row, following the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2019 and Qatar in 2023 (actually scheduled to be held in January 2024).

In the international football world, the hosting of the 2027 Asian Cup is expected to be a stepping stone for Saudi Arabia to host the World Cup in the future.

Saudi Arabia, the world’s richest oil country, is in no way in a situation where it cannot hold international competitions due to lack of money, with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s personal fortune reaching 2,700 trillion won.

It has already won the right to host the Asian Cup and the Women’s Asian Cup in 2026, and decided to host the 2029 Asian Winter Games in the western city of Trohena. In addition, the 2034 Summer Asian Games will be held in Riyadh, the capital.

He founded the LIV Golf Tour and seduces famous golfers with huge amounts of money. It is also a hot topic that world-famous soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo joined Saudi Arabia’s first division Al Nasr last month for an annual salary of 200 million euros (270 billion won). 카지노사이트

As such, it was natural for Saudi Arabia to bid for the World Cup. In fact, it is known that Saudi Arabia, along with Egypt and Greece, is seeking to host the 2030 World Cup behind the scenes.

Immediately after winning the right to host the 2027 Asian Cup, Saudi Arabia did not completely rule out its intention to host the World Cup.

According to AFP on the 2nd, Prince Abdul-Aiz bin Turki al-Faisal, who is in charge of Saudi Arabia’s Sports Minister, said, “The World Cup has not been put on the table yet,” but “Anything is possible. Now we focus on building the stadiums and infrastructure necessary to host the Asian Cup.” but we will see what comes after that.”

In addition to Saudi Arabia, the 2030 World Cup is co-hosted by Spain and Portugal, and four South American countries, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile, are also promoting a co-hosting, so fierce competition is expected.

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