Sorry about the possibility of the first pitcher Myeong-jeon… “I thought it would be Darvish”


Contrary to expectations, influential local media in the United States expressed regret about the lack of a Hall of Fame prospect for Darvish Yu (37, San Diego).

On the 20th (Korean time), American media Sports Illustrated (SI) found players in their 30s and older who are most likely to enter the Hall of Fame by age.

Darvish was not selected in the 36-year-old group behind Andrew McCutchen (Pittsburgh). The reason was the regret of the accumulation due to the past injury gap. “I thought Darvish would be a stronger candidate (than McCutchen at this age) before doing research on this topic,” SI said. It was the best since then.” 토토사이트

Last year, Darvish showed off his old age by recording 16 wins, 8 losses, an average ERA of 3.10, and 197 strikeouts in 194⅔ innings in 30 games. He had his most wins in a season after his debut season in 2012 and his best bWAR after posting a 5.6 in 2013. He expected a long run in the future thanks to his outstanding skills despite his old age. If he accumulated like that, Darvish could be the first Asian pitcher to enter the Hall of Fame. In fact, before the appearance of Shohei Ohtani (28, LA Angels), he was considered the most likely Asian pitcher to enter the Hall of Fame.

However, upon closer examination, a fatal weakness was discovered in accumulation. SI regretted, “Darvish is ranked 288th in starting pitcher JAWS, following Lance Lynn and James Shields. He missed part of four seasons from 2014 to 2018 due to injury, and it is really difficult to overcome the gap.”

JAWS, a Hall of Fame-related metric devised by American baseball columnist Jay Jeff, is used to predict the likelihood of induction based on WAR. We use the player’s cumulative WAR and the average of his best 7-season WAR. Darvish is averaging 28.3. JAWS, the 66 Hall of Fame starters to date, falls far short at 56.8.

When healthy, he was an all-star player who always recorded a WAR of 3 or higher, so there is no choice but to regret his injury. Darvish showed outstanding performance in the first three years of the major leagues, such as reaching second place in the American League Cy Young in 2013, but after undergoing elbow ligament joint surgery (Tommy John surgery) in 2015, he could hardly recover his skills.

He moved to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2017 and suffered psychological pain from Houston, who knows how to hit his ball. It was only in the 2020 season, when the whole story was revealed, that he gradually recovered, but too much time had passed to accumulate the necessary accumulation for the Hall of Fame. Until last season, Darvish has played in 242 major league games, recording 95 wins, 75 losses, an average ERA of 3.50, and 1,788 strikeouts in 1,488 innings.

It was expected that no 36-year-olds would enter the Hall of Fame as both candidates, Darvish and McCutchen, who were the most advanced, failed to accumulate sufficient accumulation. SI said, “McCutchin will become one of only five center fielders in history to hit 300 home runs and steal 200 bases. But he hasn’t had a season with a 3 WAR since 2017, and he hasn’t had enough in his late career. Players this age are probably honorable. You won’t be able to enter the hall,” he said.

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