The general manager and coach do not communicate throughout the 2023 season… ” Kim Ha-seong, the coach who trusted him to a ‘district rival team’? Shocking revelations in the US


We did not communicate throughout the 2023 season.”

MLB Network’s John Heyman made a shocking revelation on the 22nd (Korean time). The discord between San Diego Padres manager Bob Melvin and general manager AJ Preller was real, and even “they did not communicate throughout the 2023 season.” “Coach Melvin is mentioned as a candidate to coach the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets.”

The Athletic even reported comments from officials at the end of this season that the relationship between General Manager Preller and Coach Melvin was not good and that it was impossible to restore the relationship. It is natural that Coach Melvin is not pleased with General Manager Preller’s unique aggressive tendencies and reckless behavior.

Director Preller later said, “It was exaggerated.” He dismissed the rumors of discord, saying that they communicate often, and the rumors of discord seemed to be put to rest as he announced that he would go under the Melvin coach system in the 2024 season. However, Heyman once again ignited rumors of Manager Melvin’s transfer to San Francisco or the Mets.

Coach Melvin played in San Francisco from 1986 to 1988. He worked with President Farhan Zaidi when he was the coach of the Oakland Athletics. Therefore, there have been rumors of a transfer to San Francisco since the end of the season. Aside from San Diego’s trust in Coach Melvin, there were many foreign media reports that Coach Melvin could apply for the San Francisco coach position.

In fact, San Francisco still has not appointed a new head coach after firing coach Gabe Kepler at the end of the season. If Director Melvin moves to San Francisco to Heyman’s observatory, the fallout is expected to be significant. This is because San Diego players have great faith in Coach Melvin.

Ha-seong Kim also established himself as the starting shortstop after Coach Melvin took office in the 2022 season, and actually received full support from Coach Melvin. If such a coach transfers to a district rival team, the impact on San Diego players, including Kim Ha-seong, is expected to be significant.굿모닝토토

Regardless of the background and cause, it seems clear that the discord and lack of communication between the coach and general manager played a role in San Diego’s collapse this year. In this environment, it is surprising that Kim Ha-seong had the best season since his major league debut.

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