The league’s best snake fastball is back… Upgrade completed, Hangzhou also ‘green light’


Jung Woo-young (24‧LG) appeared in the KBO League with a strong impression. A player who had just graduated from high school was spraying a powerful ball that exceeded 150 km/h without hesitation. It didn’t take long for this ball, which was added to the restraint at the end of the messy ball unique to the sidearm, to become the ‘snake fastball’ representing the league.토토사이트

Jung Woo-young, who won the Rookie of the Year award in 2019, continued to throw good balls in a healthy way as a member of LG Pilseung-jo. He started with 16 holds in 2019, then he broke his personal record each year with 20 holds in 2020, 27 holds in 2021 and 35 holds in 2022. His earned run average also remained in the 2-point range. However, weaknesses were also revealed. There was a problem with runner control, and the opposing teams started digging into it. Moreover, the number of walks was increasing every year.

Jung Woo-young himself was also stressed. Runners ran on walks rather than hits, and fast runners often reached second base without extra hits. I tried changing his pitching form and breathing differently to keep runners in check, but there was no special effect. There were not a few cases where a slightly changed form had an impact on pitching. He changed, then he came back again and again.

Efforts to catch both pitching and checks are continuing this season. At the beginning of the season, his restraint decreased and his grades fell, raising concerns, but Jung Woo-young silently moved forward. As a result, since June, he has been showing off a more upgraded Jung Woo-young by taking all of the restraints, grades, control and slide staff.

Jung Woo-young’s average ERA this season is 4.24 in 39 games. It’s not satisfactory compared to his personal career (3.09), but the story is a little different after June, when his pitching form got on track to some extent and his velocity increased. Jung Woo-young recorded an ERA of 2.00 in the last 10 games, showing that he was on track, and in the 5 games played from June 22nd to July 2nd, he threw 5 innings and got only 4 hits. There were no walks that bothered Jung Woo-young before, and of course, there were no runs.

He is coming up with redemption too. According to the tally of ‘Trackman’, which provides tracking data to 9 KBO league teams, Jung Woo-young’s average restraint in the game has never exceeded 150 km per hour until May 24th. However, on May 30, he exceeded the average of 150 km for the first time in a match against Lotte, and since June he has been recording an average of more than 150 km. With this level of restraint, he has found himself in his prime.

On July 1, against Jamsil KIA, the average speed was 152.1 km, the highest level of the season, and on the 2nd, against Jamsil KIA, which was a continuous fight, it was 151.6 km. His highest velocity on the 1st was 154 km, and on the 2nd, all fastballs exceeded 150 km. All of that was well done. You can feel the confidence and certainty in Jung Woo-young’s facial expressions and gestures. He can expect even better in the future.

LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop also praised Jung Woo-young for his change. He is moving in the right direction and is taking all three things: speed, control, and runner control. While reviewing the game on the 1st, coach Yeom said, “What I got from yesterday’s game (1st) is that there was no ball that Jung Woo-young flew.

Director Yeom diagnoses Jung Woo-young’s left shoulder as it keeps retracting, and it has become a framework for getting out of the basics. It is also an instinctive action to throw a stronger ball when the left shoulder goes in when pitching. However, recently, he has not changed his form significantly and is equipped with basic skills and is holding both control and restraint. Director Yeom emphasized, “I corrected the things that my left shoulder went into in my style with coach Kim Gyeong-tae.

If the left shoulder goes in too much, there is a high possibility that the ball will shake when the body is released. So, when the release point was shaken, there were many cases where a ball or a ball that hit the right-handed batter’s body came out. But now it is different. Jung Woo-young was also not sure at first, but the changed form also leads to redemption, so it leads to faith. The number of walks per 9 innings decreased dramatically from 4.97 last year to 2.12 this year. Manager Yeom said, “I accepted it,” and praised the player’s open attitude.

Director Yeom emphasized that the control of runners, which was the biggest stress for Jung Woo-young, has improved. Director Yeom said, “It has improved a lot.” It’s not very fast at 1.40 seconds, but it’s an axis that has improved. Here, director Yeom expressed his confidence, “There is Park Dong-won. If the catcher is weak, it will be less than 1.40 seconds, but with Park Dong-won, if you fight the timing, it is enough to come in within 1.40 seconds.” The league’s best snake fastball is back with an upgrade. A green light has also been given to the Hangzhou Asian Games national team.

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