The splendid return of the ‘QS’ pitcher in 63 days… KIA’s ‘center’ is Yang Hyeon-jong


The Great Pitcher’ is back. He got on the mound at an important moment and led the team to victory. The tie record for the most starting wins in history is a bonus. KIA Yang Hyeon-jong (35) presented a pitch worthy of his name.

Yang Hyeon-jong started the 2023 KBO League regular season Hanwha match held at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 26th and made a quality start (QS) pitch with 6 innings, 5 hits, 1 walk, 4 strikeouts and 2 runs, becoming a winning pitcher.

This is the 6th win (7th loss) of the season. And he harvested 165 wins (109 losses) in his career. Only starting wins are 163 wins. Together with ‘Legend’ Jin-Woo Song, he tied for first place with the most start-ups in history.

It took a long time. On July 6, he became the winning pitcher with 1 run in 5 innings in the Munhak SSG match. Afterwards, he recorded only 3 losses in 4 matches. In the last 16 days, he also missed one time in the first team.토토사이트

He filled the 10th day and played the return match on the 26th, and shot QS. The team also won big, 12-4. 3 wins in a row Yang Hyeon-jong and KIA both had a pleasant day in many ways.

Yang Hyeon-jong’s QS has been around for a long time. On June 24, against KT in Gwangju, 6 innings and 1 run (visa book) was the last. After that, it produced QS in 63 days.

The most innings in the previous six games is 5.2 innings. He is a pitcher who went beyond 6 innings and ate 7 innings. He is the only player in history to record ‘170 innings in a season for 8 consecutive years’. He was called a great pitcher and reigned as KIA’s ace. Somehow, this season wasn’t easy.

He seems to have been drugged by his one-time absence from the first team. He was able to pick it up while resting, and he made it again. As soon as he arrived, he showed off his hot fighting skills. He gave ample scoring support to the batting line. He had no reason not to win.

In fact, Yang Hyeon-jong was originally such a pitcher. He consistently starts out without leaving his seat, and when he does, he throws long. He even throws well. He wins, and the team wins. It just didn’t come out like this recently.

And Yang Hyeon-jong’s good fight is good news for KIA as well. Eui-ri Lee was placed on the injured list due to shoulder pain, and foreign pitcher Mario Sanchez also left after suffering a sore elbow.

It is a situation where Yang Hyeon-jong’s strength is needed more than anyone else. If the sluggishness continued until Yang Hyeon-jong, there would have been only two people left in the KIA starting lineup: Thomas Panoni and Yoon Young-cheol. At a really important moment, Yang Hyeon-jong showed the power of a great pitcher. 

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