Three MLB teams with 100 wins are eliminated… Is the 5-day ‘forced rest’ PO method to blame?


This season, in the Major League Baseball (MLB) regular season, all three teams that won more than 100 games were eliminated from the division series.

The Atlanta Braves (104 wins), Baltimore Orioles (101 wins), and Los Angeles Dodgers (100 wins) are the unlucky ones.

A total of four teams, the top two teams in each league, advance directly to the division series in each league without going through the Wild Card Series, the first gateway to the postseason. This year, the three teams above and the Houston Astros are the targets.

Coincidentally, three of the four teams that performed better in the regular season were eliminated in the division series, raising questions about whether there was a problem with the system.

The top four seeded teams take a five-day break during the division series, and it is argued that a long break does more harm than good to players who are accustomed to the routine of playing games almost every day for six months.

The current method was introduced last season. This is the result of MLB and the players’ union agreeing to expand the number of teams advancing to the playoffs to 12.

“I don’t think five days is ideal, but that’s the structure of the playoffs,” Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts recently told the Associated Press. “The world is not perfect. A couple of days off would have been nice. But 5 days is a bit… “He expressed regret.메이저사이트

“I don’t know if it’s a disadvantage, but you fall into a different routine than what you’re used to during the regular season,” said Baltimore Orioles manager Brandon Hyde. “This is something we know and need to adapt to.”

However, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred told reporters before the Atlanta Braves were eliminated from the NLDS on the 12th (local time) that he did not yet see a need to change the playoff system.

“It’s only the second year,” Commissioner Manfred said, according to ESPN. “I think we should give it a chance to work something out. I know some of the higher seeded teams haven’t won. Considering where those teams were, I think there could be another explanation other than the five-day break. “But as always, we will reevaluate in the offseason and consider whether the playoff approach is the right one.”

Last year, two of the four teams that received a break in the first round of the postseason advanced to the league championship, and the Houston Astros, who received the second seed overall, won the World Series, so it was not a problem.

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