“What’s the misjudgment if it’s not the misjudgment?”…After hitting the goalpost, he contacted the defender’s arm → Fan’s anger exploded at the ‘NO PK’ decision


Everton fans were angered by the rather unfair decision.

Sports Bible, a sports media outlet, reported on the 31st (Korea time), “Fans were embarrassed when it was known why a penalty kick was not given in the match between Everton and Fulham.”

Everton met Fulham 0-0 in the 22nd round of the 2023/24 season of the English Premier League (PL) at Craven Cottage in London on the 31st (Korea time).

Everton and Fulham shot 25 times and 21 times over the course of 90 minutes, respectively, but failed to score. Everton scored 2.15 and Fulham 1.71 but there was no significant scene. They had to settle for sharing one point each.

There were some controversial scenes during the game. Everton Ashley Young’s free kick in the 24th minute of the first half was blocked by Fulham goalkeeper Bernd Leno.

Everton James Tacowski connected the ball with a shot, but it was not properly powerful and hit the net through the head of Fulham defender.

The ball that hit the net hit Fulham Antony Robinson’s arm right in front of the net. Just before the ball crossed the goal line after hitting Robison, Fulham defender cleared the ball and did not lead to a goal.

Since there was a suspected handball in the penalty box, the referee was expected to check the VAR, but the game proceeded as it was.

According to British media ‘Liverpool Echo’ reporter Joe Thomas, the VAR room reviewed the scene in real time. However, it was determined that Robinson was in front of the net and accidentally hit by the ball.

They thought it was an unintentional handball. The VAR office did not even ask the referee for VAR. So the referee continued the game without any confirmation.

Everton fans expressed their anger at the news. According to Sports Bible, the fans expressed their anger, saying, “If this is not a clear misjudgment, I would like to know what the misjudgment is,” and “It’s really pathetic.”

This season, Everton were cut by 10 points after they were found to have violated the PL Secretariat’s profitability and sustainability rules. It instantly fell in the rankings and is currently in the 18th place of the relegation zone. 월카지노주소

If he had won this match, he could have accumulated 21 points to rank 16th in the league. However, he only acquired one point due to the disappointing decision.

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