Why did Ronaldo leave Manchester United? Former Coach Phelan: “The standards were high, but I didn’t get a response from my colleagues.”


Former Manchester United head coach Michael Phelan analyzed that the reason Cristiano Ronaldo left Manchester United was because he felt frustrated because his teammates did not meet his standards. 

Ronaldo left the team by terminating his contract with Manchester United ahead of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. He was romantically linked to leave Juventus and return to Manchester United in 2021, but the relationship soured after one season. In his first season back, he appeared in 30 English Premier League (EPL) games and scored 18 goals and 3 assists, becoming the team’s top scorer, but he did not get many opportunities to play in the following season and only scored 1 goal. He was also known to have been at odds with Manchester United players, including manager Erik ten Haag. 

Former coach Phelan recently said in an interview with Sky Sports that one of the reasons Ronaldo left Manchester United was because of frustration. Phelan is a person who led Manchester United to its heyday under manager Alex Ferguson. He returned to Manchester United in 2018 and assisted manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but has not taken on a coaching position since the appointment of Ten Haag. 

“In the second season, he was older, more stubborn, more determined,” Phelan said. “He still had incredibly high standards,” Phelan said. “I liked that. “I wanted to raise their standards as well. If we do that, some of them may leave along the way,” he said. 

“I remember when he was pushing, but he wasn’t getting much of a response and he was frustrated,” he said. “When you’re dealing with top players, it’s about where they can finish and where they can go. They look back and say, ‘Wow.’ I want to say, “I succeeded.” Ronaldo probably realized he couldn’t do that at Manchester United. So his challenge lay elsewhere,” he added. 토토사이트

In summary, the story is that other players did not meet Ronaldo’s high standards, and he eventually left the team to take on a new challenge. However, on the pitch, Ronaldo’s skills were not the same as before in many cases. He was seen once. In the World Cup, he was pushed to the bench without much performance, and later moved to Saudi Arabia. Although he scored 14 goals in Saudi Arabia, the difference in league level cannot be considered. Even in the national team, his influence is not the same as before. This September 

A In the first game of the match, he played the full time as a starter against Slovakia, but did not score. Portugal, without Ronaldo due to the accumulation of games, achieved a record-breaking 9-0 win in the subsequent match against Luxembourg.

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