Worrying about Jeonbuk is useless worrying? ‘Relegation zone → 4th place’ vertical rise… Fighting for 3rd and 4th place with Seoul


 Jeonbuk Hyundai has risen to the TOP 4 position.

Jeonbuk Hyundai had a lot of ups and downs in the first half of this 2023 season. In the opening 10 games, 3 wins, 1 draw and 6 losses fell into sluggishness and fell to the top 10. The 10th place in the K-League 1 is in the relegation zone. Last season, the team that was competing for the championship fell to the bottom, so other teams watching were excited. In a different sense, Jeonbuk provided something to see in the K-League.

But Jeonbuk was Jeonbuk. In early May, after head coach Kim Sang-sik laid down the baton and head coach Kim Doo-hyun took over as acting coach, Jeonbuk recorded 5 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. After accumulating victory points, Jeonbuk closely pursued through the middle ranks to the top ranks.

In particular, they succeeded in rebounding the mood by winning 1 win and 2 draws in 3 matches in the metropolitan area leading to FC Seoul, Suwon Samsung and Incheon United. Jeonbuk drew 1-1 against Seoul, won 3-0 against Suwon, and drew 0-0 against Incheon. In the following home match against Suwon FC, they won 3-1. It was Jeonbuk’s first 3-point game this season.

Jeonbuk, who returned after losing 0-1 in the rain-soaked Pohang expedition, called Ulsan Hyundai, the rival of Hyundai, home. At that time, Ulsan was undefeated in 9 matches and was overwhelmingly in first place. Because of this, few expected Jeonbuk’s victory. However, Jeonbuk defeated rivals Ulsan 2-0 in front of a home crowd of 29,000. Cho Kyu-sung scored his first goal in three months and heated up the atmosphere.

Starting with the victory over Ulsan, Jeonbuk rode the tide. With a 1-0 win over Daegu and a 2-1 win over Gangwon, acting manager Kim Doo-hyun resigned to applause. Dan Petrescu (Romania), who was directly brought in by technical director Park Ji-seong, took over as the new coach.

At the inauguration press conference, manager Petrescu said, “I didn’t intend to come to the K-League unless it was Jeonbuk,” adding, “Jeonbuk is a big club in Asia. In the past, when I was coach Suning, longevity in China, I had a fight with Jeonbuk, and I was impressed by Jeonbuk’s fans and infrastructure.”

Petrescu’s debut match was an expedition to Gwangju FC. Jeonbuk lost 0-2 against Gwangju. He immediately cursed. Jeonbuk won 4-0 against Gwangju in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup, and also won 2-0 against Jeju held on the 1st. Jeonbuk have won all of their recent 6 home matches, including the league and FA Cup.토토사이트주소

Our next opponent is another rival, Seoul. Jeonbuk will face Seoul on the 8th at 7:30 pm at the Jeonju World Cup Stadium. Jeonbuk and Seoul, who drew 1-1 in their first match of the season held on Children’s Day, are currently ranked 4th and 3rd, respectively. Jeonbuk has 30 points and 24 points, and Seoul has 33 points and 32 points.

It is a meeting between Jeonbuk, which is looking at a 7-game winning streak at home, and Seoul, which is trying to break the long-standing ‘Jeonbuk match no win jinx’.

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