“Yoon Jung Hwan Ho’s core.” Hwang Moon Ki’s modesty… “I’m just benefiting from Kangwon’s shining.”


Hwang Moon-ki, who is playing a key role in Yoon Jung-hwan’s tactics, expressed humility, saying that he benefited from the team’s good work.

Gangwon FC won 2-1 against Jeonbuk Hyundai in the 15th round of the “Hana One Q K League 1 2024” held at Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday. The team maintained its fourth place in the league. The team is two points behind third-ranked Gimcheon Sangmu with 25 points.

It was the first time this season and the first time in more than three years, Gangwon had three consecutive wins. The team started to take the lead by scoring the first goal in the third minute of the first half. After receiving a sharp penetration pass from Kim Dae-woo, Yang Min-hyuk split the net with a powerful shot aimed over the head of the goalkeeper at a narrow angle. Jeonbuk scored the equalizer in the middle of the first half.

However, early in the second half, the team had another chance. Jeon Byeong-gwan was sent off due to accumulated number of warnings, and gained the upper hand. By utilizing the goal, Yago scored a cross that Lee Ki-hyuk put on from the left at the 32nd minute of the second half and scored the header of the goal. As the goal was the final goal, Gangwon became the winner.

Hwang, who met at the mixed zone after the game, said first, “I expected it to be a difficult game. Even if the team called Jeonbuk is in a bad mood right now, Jeonbuk will be Jeonbuk anyway. We also vowed to focus mentally accordingly as Jeonbuk will do better in preparation. I think those were the driving forces that determined the outcome of the second half.”

Gangwon has achieved three consecutive wins. It has been on a good track since it had no loss in four matches including two consecutive wins. When asked how the team was feeling ahead of the upcoming match, Hwang said, “The mood has increased significantly since the win over Ulsan. After winning two consecutive matches, however, the players looked complacent. So I told them to give up and fight as a team and more cohesive.”

“Coach Chung Kyung-ho always talks about winning mentality. The players are always eagerly preparing for it. And we are trying to become one team, the confidence in the soccer that we want to play. Last year, he collapsed when he lost a point, but this year, he created an atmosphere in which he continued to fight even if he gave up a goal, and as those parts accumulated little by little, I think we gained winning mentality,” he added.

What supports all of this is coach Yoon Jung-hwan’s confidence in soccer. Hwang said, “As I encounter new tactics, they are very helpful to me in my soccer life. Even if positions change, I can perform my role well regardless of who plays in the position. That is the strength of our team this year. In fact, it did not go well in the first training session. However, it turned out well as the coach asked me to do. I think that was when the players gained a lot of confidence.”

Hwang plays a significant role in manager Yoon Jeong-hwan’s soccer. As a side defender, he shows wide range of activities, and sometimes even actively participates in attacks to the front line. He also demonstrated these points in this game. Hwang, who rushed alone over long distances in the 24th minute of the second half, even finished a powerful right-footed shot from outside the penalty box. It was quite a threat, but unfortunately, the goalkeeper was saved well. 토토사이트

“It’s not easy to talk about technology. The coach doesn’t approve of me,” Hwang said with a smile when asked if he has improved a lot in terms of technology this season. “He was evaluated as a very good player when I was a player. That’s why I can’t say that he has good technology,” he said.

In addition, Hwang said, “The coach often tells me my strengths and things that I need to supplement. I am playing the game thinking about those things. In fact, a soccer player is destined to be nagged all the time until he retires. That’s why I am thinking positively about everything the coach tells me.”

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