“This is the last time, no more extension.” MLB Commissioner Manfred steps down after this term


Commissioner Manfred said there was no further extension of his term.

Local media, including The Athletic and ESPN, reported on February 16 (Korea time) that Major League Commissioner Rob Manfred will step down after this term.

According to local media, Commissioner Manfred said, “This will be my last term. That’s what I told the owners.” Commissioner Manfred’s term is until January 2029.

Manfred was appointed as the 10th commissioner of the Major League in 2015 after Bud Selig, who led the league’s revival. Before becoming commissioner, Manfred had long been in charge of the league’s management as a working-level official under Selig.

Manfred, who became commissioner at a time when baseball’s popularity was declining, made tremendous reforms. With the belief that shorter playing time will increase the number of young fans, he made all-out efforts to speed up. This led to the pitch clock, which began in earnest last year. The introduction of automatic intentional throwing and the restriction of shift were also Manfred’s works.

During his term in office, there were “sign stealing” scandals between the Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox, and suspicions about official ball were constantly raised. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team was on the verge of a shortened season. However, “speed-up” paid off and the WBC (World Baseball Classic) was a big hit amid active efforts to globalize baseball. 룸알바

The Major League commissioner has five years in office. Manfred has already won two consecutive terms based on such accomplishments. However, he expressed his intention to step down from his position after this term.

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