260 million → 100 million won. A former KS finisher who brushed off his injuries comes out as a C-class free agent. “Feels good so far.”


Wouldn’t all teams salivate if a left-handed pitcher who can start the Korean Series and play in the bullpen becomes a C-class free agent?

Ham Deok-joo, a prospective free agent of the LG Twins, is likely to be ranked C as his annual salary has dropped to 100 million won this season.

Ham Deok-joo renewed the contract with LG for 100 million won, down 20 million won from last year.

Ham Deok-joo, whose annual salary rose to 260 million won in 2019 at Doosan, has continued to fall since then. He received 210 million won in 2020, and 165 million won in 2021. After moving to LG, Ham Deok-ju, who could not play properly due to an injury, lowered it to 120 million won last year, and when he could not achieve remarkable results due to an injury, he went down to 100 million won this season.

He came down to 15th among non-free agents even within LG. He is a player who is 11th or lower in the team salary ranking and 61st or lower in the overall salary ranking in order to be ranked C. In LG, the criteria for the 15th place team were met, and if only the overall salary ranking was met, it would be grade C. As of now, he’s most likely C-Class.

Ham Deok-joo, who has not been able to throw properly for the past two years due to a bone fragment in his left elbow and muscle pain, is making efforts to revive at the Arizona camp with a healthy body this season. 먹튀검증

He is Ham Deok-joo, who showed good performances during his time at Doosan, and his recent sluggishness was due to injuries, so if he shows his pitching this season, he can become a free agent anyone wants to recruit.

But Ham Deok-joo only focuses on throwing the ball. “I thought a lot as FA approached. But didn’t I spend 2 years without being able to do anything?” said Ham Deok-joo, “I felt how happy it is to be able to throw without pain. I want to throw and feel it anywhere. I want to have fun like before. I miss those days.”

Ham Deok-ju said, “I’m really good right now. I’ve been doing well since last year’s finish camp, so it’s so good and I feel good so far.”

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