‘Can’t I go to Germany?’…Munich general manager reinforces the midfield ‘NO!’ → Summer ‘Official MF’, winter transfer failed


Joao Palinha’s transfer to Bayern Munich has been frustrated again. Christophe Freund, the general manager of Munich, denied his plan to recruit Palinha himself.

The global media “Tribal Football” reported on the 14th (Korea Standard Time), “Bayern Munich ruled out recruiting Fulham midfielder Joao Palinha in January.”

Palinha, born in 1995, is a Portuguese midfielder who joined Fulham in 2022, showed outstanding performances in Sporting and Braga, and continued to play in the Premier League. He has been on the Portuguese national team steadily and has not been a starter in every game, but has also participated in the UEFA Euro 2020 and 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Farley, who is 190 centimeters tall, received attention from big clubs with good physical conditions, wide coverage and compliance with ball distribution, and received a love call from German Bundesliga champion Munich ahead of the end of the transfer market last summer.

Fulham is also a key player if he can find a suitable transfer fee and replacement, but he has expressed his willingness to send Pallina to Munich, and even allowed a medical test. With only a few hours left until the deadline for the transfer market, Pallina flew to Germany for a medical test and waited for the final approval of the club.

While Palinha was hoping to buy only the moment he officially became a Munich player, Fulham suddenly stopped the deal. Since then, as the transfer market closed, Palinha’s recruitment failed.

Palinha was preparing to announce the transfer after completing the second medical test and shooting the Munich uniform, but he returned to Fulham as the deal fell through. Local media explained at the time that Fulham stopped the deal because Fulham could not find a replacement.

If the deal was concluded, Fulham could have taken a large amount of 58 million euros in basic transfer fee from Munich. With the money, Fulham decided to recruit Pierre-Emile Hoivier (Tottenham Hotspur) and Scott McTominay (Manchester United) as substitutes.

However, Fulham failed to persuade the club and its players. Unable to find a suitable replacement, Fulham ordered Palinha to return, suspending the deal.

Palinha, who failed to transfer to Munich, could not hide his disappointment, but he is playing well again at Fulham, promising the next time, but Munich said he had no intention of recruiting him in the winter, which could make it impossible to go to Munich forever.

According to the media, Munich general manager Christophe Freund explained why he ruled out recruiting Palinha in January, saying, “We wanted Palinha last summer, but the priority now is to strengthen the defense.”

He added, “And Aleksandar Pavlovic has already taken a good role. This is why we believe we have a good alternative internally.” After the failed attempt to recruit Palinha, Munich included the young midfielder Pavlovic in the first team born in 2004, and during the first half of the year, Pavlovic gradually strengthened his position in the team by appearing in 10 games.

In addition, the reason why Munich decided not to seek to recruit Palinha in January is estimated to have had a significant impact not only on Pavlovic’s growth but also on the recruitment of Eric Dier.

Munich announced on the 12th that it has recruited Dyer, who played for Tottenham. It is a loan agreement until June 30 and can be signed for a one-year contract by invoking a complete transfer clause later. His jersey number is 15. 랭크카지노도메인

Dier’s main position is center back, but he is a multiplayer who can also play defensive midfielder position. As he can be used as the sixth midfielder in case of emergency, Palinha’s transfer to Munich has been postponed without a promise as he has decided to focus on recruiting defense players rather than strengthening the midfield additionally.

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