Coach Kim Byeong-soo, who was fired and left Suwon after 5 months, even shaved his head to keep his spirits up, said, “The biggest regret is not being able to play the soccer I wanted, I feel sorry


Suwon Samsung ‘fired’ coach Kim Byeong-soo.

According to multiple sources in the soccer world, Suwon is expected to fire coach Kim and appoint playing coach Yeom Gi-hoon as acting coach for the remainder of the season. Coach Kim was notified of his dismissal on the 25th, ending his short leadership career in Suwon.

Some people used the term voluntary resignation, but more accurately, it was dismissal. Coach Kim said in a phone call with this newspaper, “The club asked me to voluntarily resign, so I said no. “I make it clear that I have been sacked,” he said.

Coach Kim took over as a firefighter for Suwon, which was in danger of relegation last May. He essentially resigned from his position without completing five months.

Since Coach Kim took office, Suwon has recorded 4 wins, 5 draws, and 11 losses. The number of points earned in 20 games is 17. Before coach Kim took office, Suwon only scored 5 points with 1 win, 2 draws, and 8 losses in 11 games. After Coach Kim took over, performance slightly improved. However, due to Gangwon FC’s progress, Suwon recently fell to the bottom. The sense of crisis deepened as we fell 3 points behind Gangwon.

After losing to Daejeon Hana Citizen in the last round, Coach Kim was in great spirits, even shaving his head. As a commanding officer at the forefront, he felt a sense of responsibility and began to renew his mind in order to escape the crisis. However, Suwon chose to part ways by dismissing coach Kim.

Coach Kim said, “If I had known I would be fired, would I have shaved my head? “My appearance has become strange,” he said. “It’s very unfortunate.” “More than anything, I am most sorry that I quit so quickly without being able to play the soccer I wanted,” he sighed. He continued, “Still, I received a lot of love from Suwon fans in a short period of time. “Thank you so much,” he said, sending greetings to the Suwon fans.

Of course, Coach Kim is responsible for the poor performance. However, in recent years, Suwon has been pointed out as a team whose secretariat mistakes are more serious than leadership issues. In particular, the secretariat’s efforts to recruit foreign players have failed one after another, and the reality is that it has not been able to empower the coaches.레고토토

In fact, Coach Kim hoped to strengthen his skills through this summer’s transfer market. But things didn’t go his way. The presence of striker Werick Popo brought in from the club is virtually ‘zero’. Mulic, a foreign player brought in ahead of this season, has 4 goals and Bassani has 2 goals, but even with a new foreign player, they have not been able to turn things around. Ironically, the responsibility for failing to recruit foreign players falls squarely on the manager.

Coach Kim said, “Still, the club probably did its best. I don’t want to make excuses. I wasn’t good enough. “I feel very sorry to the Suwon fans for not being able to make it to the end,” he said.

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