I contact Son Ah-seop every day” A one-club man’s thirst for fall baseball for 16 years… Expectations for FA to “go as it should


I played as a one-club man for 16 years until this year. I experienced the joys and pains, prosperity and dark times of the Lotte Giants.

That’s why Jeon Jun-woo’s intentions are even more earnest. From 2008, his debut season, to 2012, he tasted fall baseball for five consecutive years. Starting in 2010, he became a key player and contributed enthusiastically.

However, in the 11 years since then, they have only advanced once in 2017. Above all, his best performance during this period is the playoffs. Although it has been 23 years since the 21st century began, Lotte’s last entry into the Korean Series was still in the 20th century (1999).

Jeon Jun-woo attended the inauguration ceremony of new coach Kim Tae-hyung on the 24th. Although he will become a free agent after the Korean Series, he decided that it would be polite to participate in the inauguration ceremony as the team’s most senior player. Ahn Chi-hong, also a prospective free agent, was also present at the scene that day.

Jeon Jun-woo did not hide his envy, saying, “I am watching the postseason game.” He said, “I am in contact with (NC) Son Ah-seop almost every day. Although I am nervous because it has been a long time since the postseason, I am confident because my performance this year is good. (KT) has Hwang Jae-gyun. If NC and KT meet, I will go there in person.”

In particular, Son Ah-seop was a franchise star who guarded both sides of Lotte’s outfield along with Jeon Jun-woo for a long time. However, he transferred to NC after the 2021 season. And he has reached his second peak this year and is also playing very well in the semi-playoffs.

On the other hand, Lotte failed to play fall baseball for six consecutive years. Until May, they recorded a win-loss margin of +10 and were in the semifinals with LG Twins and SSG Landers. However, it fell sharply from June, breaking its .500 win rate at the end of the first half, and ended up only in 7th place.

Lotte, which dreamed of change with the inauguration of former general manager Seong Min-gyu four years ago, parted ways with him this time and appointed coach Kim Tae-hyung, putting weight on the field again.

Coach Kim Tae-hyung showed off his characteristic straightforward speaking style, saying, “Winning is the goal. Players, prepare for yourself.” He pointed to prospective free agents Jeon Jun-woo and Ahn Chi-hong, saying, “I requested this from the club. They are essential players.”

Jeon Jun-woo said, “It is an honor in itself to be with a great general. He is a charismatic person.” Regarding the chat before the inauguration ceremony, he said, “Wherever you go in Busan, a lot of people recognize you, so be careful,” and laughed, saying, “You will feel that Busan is a city that is very passionate about baseball.”

“If you were to give me a score this season, it would be 50 points. The first half was 0 points. I didn’t do my part when the team was having a hard time. I felt sorry for the team and as a senior, I felt disappointed. I gained some strength in the second half.”토토사이트

As a free agent, his perspective is cold. Four years ago, he signed a four-year contract worth up to 3.4 billion won and was called a ‘Hyeja free agent’. Now, as I approach my second free agency, I feel calm.

This season, he had a good batting average of .312, 17 home runs, 77 RBIs, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.852. He is over 35 years old and can be transferred without a compensation player. The path becomes freer, excluding the pride of being a ‘one-club man’.

Regarding the FA, he said, “We will review various conditions from various angles.” Even when asked whether he wanted to stay at Lotte, he declined to say anything, saying, “It could affect the contract.”

“I envy the players who are competing in the postseason. Next year’s goal is to win the championship. I think there will be good results if we wait accordingly.”

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