It’s as obvious as ‘the second Klinsmann’… Also ignoring the ‘system’ → domestic + official coach appointment, and the Korea Football Association is just ‘living with me’


It also tries to repeat the error of ‘appointment of supervision without system’.

The Korea Football Association replaced coach Jurgen Klinsmann on the 16th for various reasons, including poor performance at the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup. The “Klinsman,” which announced its departure in February last year, has been stranded for the first time in a year.

The Korea Football Association has entered the system of appointing a successor coach and appointed Jung Hae-sung, the president of the tournament, as the new chairman of the power enhancement committee. Chairman Chung held the first power enhancement meeting on the 21st and explained the direction of the coach’s appointment.

“Both domestic and international coaches are open, but many said they should focus on domestic coaches as they need to prepare for two World Cup qualifying matches and figure out the squad in March,” Chung said. “We are also considering appointing an official coach as there is a question of whether there will be a coach who will temporarily take charge of only two matches.”

Although both domestic and overseas players mentioned that it was possible, the Korea Power Reinforcement Committee has already weighed on the direction of the next coach, “Leaving the domestic coach to officially supervise it.”

He is already trying to appoint a full-time coach on the ground that there is not enough time to identify the players due to the A-match scheduled in March, and that managers are less likely to take on the job temporarily. He is paying attention to the situation in front of him at a time when he needs to be cautious and long-term.

The biggest difference between Paulo Bento and Klinsmann’s appointment is the “system.”

Kim Pan-gon, who was currently the coach of the Malaysian national soccer team and chairman of the national team at the time, created a group of candidates and appointed them based on the philosophy of “active soccer.” It was a process that focused on “philosophy,” not on the value of the coach’s name. In the process, they constantly discussed and focused on long-term development, not immediate results.

On the other hand, Klinsmann’s appointment is the opposite. Michael Mueller, chairman of the committee, revealed only five criteria for appointment, including professionalism, experience, teamwork, motivation, and environmental factors, and appointed Klinsmann without any tactical color or philosophy. There was no internal communication in the process. After all, Klinsmann’s failure is an example of the collapse of the system.

However, even in this situation, the Korea Football Association seems to prioritize “avoiding the crisis by quick appointment of a coach” rather than “reorganizing the system.”

The process is the same as before. Just like Mueller, Chung also mentioned a total of eight factors including tactical ability, development, justification, career, communication, leadership, coaching staff, and performance as criteria for a national team coach. With the standard increasing more than before, only discussions without “direction” are being repeated.

It is not just because of Klinsmann himself that fans’ anger has reached its peak recently regarding the national team coach. Beyond his lack of qualifications as a coach, including tactical abilities, the point is why the Korea Football Association appointed someone like Klinsmann as the coach of the national soccer team. Amid the collapse of the system, a decision was made that was difficult for everyone to understand, which was eventually completed as an Asian Cup disaster. 꽁머니사이트

If another unreasonable appointment is made to get out of the immediate crisis, the repetition of the “second Klinsmann” situation is as obvious as ever.

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