‘It’s really coming!’ Lingard says, ‘Proof shot’ of plane to Korea → Highest expectation ever


Jesse Lingard posted a “certification shot” of boarding a flight to Korea, signaling that his entry is imminent.

Lingard posted a photo on his social networking service (SNS) on Tuesday (Korea time). He was about to check in his luggage at the airport, and the logo of Korean Air appeared on the airport bulletin board. Given his recent connection to the K-League 1 FC Seoul transfer, chances are high that he will be flying to Korea.

Lingard expressed his high expectations for going to Korea by posting a V emoticon with an airplane and two fingers open.

On the 2nd, rumors of a transfer that surprised domestic soccer fans as well as soccer fans around the world broke out in England. A report on Sky Sports, a leading British sports media outlet, reported that Lingard, who played 200 games for Manchester United in the English Premier League, will move to FC Seoul.

Sky Sports reported, “Lyngaard is on the verge of a ‘surprise transfer’ to Korea. He is about to go to FC Seoul,” adding, “It is understood that he verbally agreed to the contract, including the condition of extending one year in two years.”

He then said, “I will leave the country in a few days to complete the contract,” adding, “It is said that he wanted a new start in a new country.”

The British public broadcaster BBC also reported that Lingard is seriously considering going to FC Seoul, along with a two-plus-year contract. However, unlike Sky Sports, it was not known whether Lingard would accept FC Seoul’s offer at this point.

Metro said, “Lyngaard is preparing for a shocking move to FC Seoul in Korea. The contract is 2+1 years, and I will go to Korea in the next few days to finalize the contract.”

As reported, a foreign player with a high reputation in the history of the K-League will join Seoul. An official from the Seoul club also admitted in a telephone interview with X-Sports News, “We contacted Lingard. It is right that we are negotiating over joining the team.”

Fabrizio Romano, an expert on the European soccer transfer market, confirmed his death. “Lingard has a new chapter ahead of him. As an FA, he is preparing a contract with FC Seoul, a Korean club. The contract is close. The final offer to sign a two-year contract was exchanged, and Lingard is ready to leave England and take on a new challenge in Korea,” he said on his social media.

“Lyngaard left England and experienced training with the Saudi club Al Etihad. Manager Steven Gerrard decided not to pursue a contract with him. And Seoul made a proposal. And we reached an agreement,” he added.

On Thursday, he launched an advanced version of “Here we go soon.” Romano said, “Lingard has received an official proposal from FC Seoul. The contract period is two years, and we have agreed and will prepare for it. He visited the club and prepared to move to Korea early next week to complete the transfer,” while posting a composite photo of Lingard wearing a FC Seoul uniform, signaling that his transfer is imminent.

Many fans were skeptical of the shocking news. This is because he has the best reputation among players who have been rumored to be transferred to the K League so far.

For now, it turned out to be true as Seoul admitted that it was negotiating with Lingard. Seoul, which started anew this season under coach Kim Ki-dong, currently lacks offensive resources, so reinforcement is essential. 월카지노주소

They have Ilyushchenko, Willian, and Cho Young-wook, but they have not been able to fill the void left by Na Sang-ho, who moved to the Japanese J-League’s Machida Zelvia. They plan to add weight by recruiting Lingard, who can play pre-attack positions such as offensive midfielders and wingers.

If Lingard wears a Seoul uniform, Seoul will have the best name value in the K-League history.

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